July 2017

July 2017

30 Jul '17


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35 stalwarts didn’t let either the closure of half the roads around the park for Ride London, or a day and night of rain stop them from playing. Although summer seemed to have come to an end a couple of weeks ago, the softening of the ground is having its effect with CSS remaining at 37 points today and only the top 4 beating it.

In 1st place is recent joiner Simon Malin on 42 points who sees his handicap cut to 6.8 as a result. Three behind on 39 is Keith Cassidy with Martin Heinrich and Matt Campbell following on 38, all of whom receive cuts to their handicaps. Results…

26 Jul '17

The Edward Cup

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Cooler temperatures, rain showers and swirling winds – aka the British Summer – made life tricky for the field today. Looks like the late afternoon starters might have enjoyed the better of the weather. 10 am starters endured the worst conditions.

Gina Jillett was one of the early birds and became leader in the clubhouse with an excellent score of 41pts (20pts out + 21pts in). Tamas Ladacs started very well (22pts out) but had to “settle” for 19pts on the way in. Both Gina and Tamas were matched by the freshly crowned Men’s Club Champion, Jay Barker. The countback rule (over the last 6 holes) awards victory to Jay. Jay, Gina and Tamas all receive substantial handicap cuts. Jay drops to 4.6, Gina’s new handicap stands at 14 and Tamas now plays off a more “realistic” handicap of 16. Joseph Shin played an excellent round of golf (37pts) to finish 5th. Kim Chaffart (38pts – with a missed tap-in of less than a foot (!) on the 10th & no-scores on the 11th and 17th) and Mike Shabani (35pts) complete the Top6. Results…

CSS: 36pts (Men & Ladies)

23 Jul '17

Club Championships Rd 2

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With the weather having decided that summer is over, the second round was played in considerably different conditions from the first and it resulted is some big changes in both the handicap trophies of the  Club Championship.

Despite not on her usual consistent form, Habe extended her first round cushion of seven shots by one, to take the Club Championship with a gross 166 from Jayne Maxwell on 174. R2 Results… | Overall Results…

It was however all change in both handicap divisions with the winners producing their best golf and obviously favouring slightly soggy conditions. In the Handicap Cup group, Veronica Mitchell came from nine shots back to beat the rest by 11 shots and take the trophy with a net 141. Runner-up, as in the gross, was Jayne Maxwell, five shots behind. Results…

Scoring in the first round of the Pembroke Cup was closer, but Tenesi overtook a three shot deficit to record a net 70 and take the cup with a total score of 142. In second place, seven shots back was Joan Mulcahy on 149. Results…


Cooler temperatures, thick clouds and an occasional spot of rain for today’s round of golf. British summer was definitely back with a vengeance at RPGC  as the setting for the Club Championship.

In the Senior Division the chase for Jay was open. Simon probably had the best shot at putting some pressure on the defending champion. Jay was able to pull away slightly on the front 9. A “Spieth’ moment on the 14th hole might have briefly opened the door for the competition. But a birdie on the 17th sealed the deal. A score of 74 (gross) added to a score of 74 (gross) in round 1 puts Jay’s winning score on 148. Simon Malin finishes 2nd with a score of 155. Shout out to Mike Assender for an excellent 2nd round (77 gross, 65 net) and Oliver Maskell for his eagle on the 3rd. Results…

In the final round of the Junior Division Mark Andrews went out to defend a slim lead of one shot. It turned into a day-long tussle. Looks like all was decided on the 12th hole. Barry Page managed to better Mark Andrews’ score by just a couple of shots on that particular hole. 89 (gross) today for Barry combined with an 87 (gross) from last week puts Barry two shots clear to win the Junior Division. Liam Bridger posted the best 2nd round (86 gross). Results…

In the Handicap Trophy for the best net score Lee Marshall won with 135 on countback from Toby Hunt. Results…

The net (sweep) for the day was won by <tba>. Results…

19 Jul '17

The Claret Jug

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Weather was very variable today. Early morning showers made way for drier conditions for the 10.00AM starters. But thick clouds remained. The later afternoon starters faced some strong winds. Who enjoyed the better playing conditions is up for debate.

Henry L-B came out all guns blazing (35 strokes gross at the turn). He walked off the 12th hole on +1 (gross). On holes 13, 14 and 15 the lights literally went out. A gross score of 76 after 18 holes (net 66) was good enough to become leader in the clubhouse. Stephen Mason continues his love affair with Prince’s. An excellent front 9 (40 strokes) was followed by a softer inward 9 (43 strokes gross). Still a score of 83 (gross – 64 net) represents a good day at the office. Three late afternoon starters mounted a serious challenge. Oliver Maskell used up half of his handicap on the front 9. But he recovered with an excellent 39. A total score of 82 (gross – 67 net) is good enough for 5th. Jay followed Ollie’s example: slowly out of the gates (39 gross) and excellent on the way in (33 gross). He has to settle for 3rd (72 gross – 66 net). Kim Chaffart opened Double Bogey – Bogey. After the early wobble he steadied the ship (39 gross after 9 holes). Poor short game and a love-hate affair with the putter resulted in 38 on the back 9. Finally Ann Gardner completes the Top6. Results…

CSS: 67 (Men) – 69 (Ladies)

16 Jul '17

Club Championships Rd 1

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Another amazing round from Habe Crocker sees her 7 shots ahead after the first round of the Club Championship – 2nd place Lia Donath will not be competing in the second round. Habe also receives an ESR reduction of 0.5, reducing her new handicap to 8.9. As might be expected with the hard ground conditions, the scoring was good for most, with a CSS of 68. Results…

In the associated Handicap Cup, Habe leads the way in the 0-18 division, with Jayne Maxwell and Sheena Harrington three shots behind. In the higher division, the Pembroke Cup, Cheryl Woodhouse with a net 69 is two shots ahead of in form Doreen Dolby, but a further two players are just one shot behind. Results…

CSS: 69


A big field met today for Round 1 of Senior and Junior section of the 2017 RPGC Club Championship. The rain of the last couple of days took away some of the uncertainty of the last couple of weeks. Bounces off the fairways seemed less violent and a touch less unpredictable. The “new” greens (holes 7, 14-18) seemed a lot more receptive than usual.

The Senior Division saw two players come in with the same gross score: new member Simon Malin and defending champion Jay Barker carded scores of 76 (gross). Toby Hunt’s new putter was on fire (draining monster birdie putts. some excellent par saves and great lag putting). Combine that with some very crisp iron play and the end result is gross score of 75 and very well deserved 3rd place after Round 1. Henry L-B recovered from a sluggish front 9 to finish on 76 gross. Seong Lim finished birdie-birdie to cap off an excellent round of 76 gross. Simon and Toby both receive small handicap reductions (but no adjustments to their playing handicaps). Shout-out to Lee Marshall who played the back 9 in 32 strokes! As Niels Bohr would say: Predicting is difficult especially when it concerns the future. But you’d probably guestimate that if you want to be in with a shot at Round 2 next Sunday you would’ve had to register a score below 80 today. Results…

The final round of the Junior Division will be real tussle too. Mark Andrew carded an 85 gross, closely followed by Domink Leisi (who shot an 86 gross – 61 net!) and Mark Rosamond (86 gross). Tamas Ladacs, Barry Page and David Oddone are one stroke back on 87 . Dominik’s handicap gets cut by 2.4 strokes to 22.9. Liam Bridger deserves a word of praise since he managed to chip in for an eagle on the 9th. So all to play for in this division too. Results…

In the Handicap Trophy for the best net score Domink Leisi leds with 61 over Toby Hunt 63. Results…

CSS: 67 (net)

12 Jul '17

Midweek Anniversary Cup Rd 1

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Heavy rain of Tuesday caused some casual water on fairways and in bunkers for Round 2 of the Midweek Anniversary Accumulator. Looks like competitors also needed some time to adjust to the speed of the greens.

Gina Jillett went out early and played an excellent front 9 (40 gross). Unfortunately her softer back 9 ended with a “snowman”. A net score of 69 made her leader in the clubhouse. Ted Holt played very consistent golf. A score 68 (net – 86 gross) is enough for victory today. Oliver Maskell matched Ted’s score (68 net – 84 gross) but the countback rule pushes him into 2nd. As a consolation Oliver sees his handicap reduced to 15. This will qualify him, a junior, for the Senior section of the upcoming Club Championship. Well done Oliver! Darren Enthoven, Brett Colley, Henry L-B looks (seems pars not birdies are the way to go HLB) complete the Top6. Seong Lim just misses out on the Top6 but he seemed to have little trouble playing to his new handicap. Results…

CSS: 70 (Men – 72 (Ladies).  The Top 3 all get new handicaps.

Gina Jillett (139 strokes) takes the provisional lead in the standings of the Midweek Accumulator competition (Ronnie Mitchell is second on 140).

9 Jul '17

Putney Park Open

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Report due soon. Results…

8 Jul '17

Mens Invitation

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Report due soon. Report…

5 Jul '17

Midweek Medal

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Summer golf was back with a vengeance. A big field were met with glorious sunshine to face off in the July Monthly Medal. Judging the bounce on the fairways or the roll on the greens seems to have been tricky (the position on the 7th remained in a brutal position). Richard Owen wins today’s competition. A net score of 65 (77 Gross) was the result of a solid display of golf. Jay Barker recovered from a brutal NAPGC competition over the weekend. He equalled Richard’s score of 65 net but just missed out on the win because of the countback rule. Seong Lim, Jeremy Ryan and Chery Woodhouse all put up excellent scores. They together with new member Claire Babeau complete the Top6. Results…

CSS: 67 (Men) – 69 (Ladies)

2 Jul '17

Monthly Medals

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Today’s results perhaps reflect the challenges presented when although the ball runs further with the sun-hardened fairways, it can bounce off in many directions. Our ‘Steady Eddy’ otherwise known as Doreen Dolby tried to blow it on the 18th with a 9, but came through to take first place on a net 69 and with her 9 being cut back to 7, earned herself a one shot cut to her playing handicap. Caroline Stilwell was one shot behind in 2nd place. Results…

CSS: 69


A reduced field met today on a course where fairways remain unpredictable. The greens on the other hand seemed to offer a bit more grip. The swirling wind was an added complication. Can the person who upset the greenkeeper make himself known? Whatever he did/said clearly had an effect on Ross. Some of today’s pin positions were very cruel. The pin on the 7th in particular left no margin whatsoever for error.

Mike Cullinane played solid on front and back 9. A score of 62 (75 Gross) means 1st place, a cocktail glass and a cut of 1.1 strokes on the handicap. Mike’s new handicap now stands at 12. Good luck to Eelco, Mike’s next opponent in the Singles Knock-Out. Barry Page as usual went out early and posted an excellent 64 (83 Gross). He was closely followed by Kerry who is keeping up his good recent form. Kerry’s score of 66 (75 Gross – today’s lowest gross score) was the result of an excellent back 9 (34 strokes) and softer front 9 (41 strokes). Toby Hunt (67 Net – 79 Gross), Tony Bryan (68 Net – 84 Gross) and Jim Fogarty (69 Net – 87 Gross) complete the Top6. Results…

Paul Brown lost the will to live after his pitch under the tree on the 9th went backwards! Truth be told his lie was pretty tough.

CSS: 67