August 2017

August 2017

30 Aug '17

Midweek Captain’s Day

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Finding a spell of dry weather in order to complete today’s round proved tricky. The 7am starters enjoyed the better conditions. The whole field also faced some slower greens as a result of the Glendale maintenance works. Given these challenges the quality of today’s golf turned out to be very good.

Mike Shabani became leader in the clubhouse with an excellent score of 38pts. Consistent golf (19pts on the way out and 19pts on the way in) were a confirmation of his excellent recent form. Alison Chadwick and Kim Chaffart managed to better Mike’s score by 1pt. Alison followed up an excellent start (19pts) with an even better inward 9 (the birdie on the 14th didn’t hurt). Kim Chaffart matched the Lady Captain thanks to his 21pts on the way in. Based on the countback rule 2nd place goes to the Midweek Captain. Tore Burman tried a new warm-up routine, aka no warm-up at all. The results speak volumes: 19pts (out) and 22pts (in)! He managed to score at least 3pts on 5 holes on the back 9 (the par on the 10th earned him no less than 4pts!). His new handicap now stands at 21. If he keeps up this form into the Men’s Pairs Final he (and Tony B.) have a real shot at victory in that competition too. Results…

CSS: 38pts (Men & Ladies)

Results of the challenges:

  • Longest drive on the 5th
    Ladies: Cheryl Woodhouse
  • Nearest to the pin on the 9th in 2
    Men: Frazer Wilson
  • Nearest to the pin 11th
    Ladies: Lia Donath
  • Nearest to the pin 11th
    Men: Jeremy Ryan


27 Aug '17


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A big field enjoyed glorious weather. The extra roll and bounce on the fairways were welcome. But chipping onto the greens proved trickier than expected.

A bogey-bogey start didn’t upset Greg Saunders. He steadied the ship on route to 21pts on the front 9. Two birdies on the back 9 put him on course to another 21pts. A total of 42pts means Greg’s handicap gets cut by a full stroke. On top of that he gets an ESR of 0.5 strokes. His new handicap stands at 9.8. A good day at the office for Greg. Tony Kopczak dropped only 5 shots on the front 9. As a result he racked up 23pts on the way out! Another 20pts on the back (with a no score on the 17th) allow him to push Greg into 2nd. Tony’s handicap gets cut by 1.8 strokes. His new playing handicap stands at 18! 1st lady today is Tenesi who played a solid round of golf to finish with 38pts. Lia Donath’s quest for 3rd place came undone with a no score on the 16th. Lee Marshall kept up his good form to finish 5th with 37pts. Paul Brown lost a chance to better his 6th place finish on his favourite hole (the 16th). Results…

A lot of 2’s were recorded today. Alan Cinnamond and Lia Donath both birdied the 4th and 11th (Lia’s birdie putt on the 11th nearly destroyed the back-end of the cup!). Habe Crocker went one better by recording an eagle on the 14th (she did record a no-score on the next hole though …).

Finally a heartfelt shout-out to Vice-Captain Nigel Gaymond who recuperated from a medical emergency in no time to participate in today’s comp.

CSS: 37pts (Men & Ladies)

23 Aug '17

Midweek Club Championship Rd 2

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All to play for at the start of the 2nd round of the Midweek Ladies Club Championship played on Duke’s. Five players were in with a shout to win the title. Habe went out as an early starter and saw off all competition with an excellent round of 79 (Gross). The round was a model of consistency (+3 out and +3 in). Her combined score of 163 puts her 7 strokes clear of the rest of the field. Habe’s handicap gets cut by 0.6 strokes to 8.8. Second place today goes to Liz Britton. A birdie on the 2nd and not a single dropped stroke on the Par 3’s result in a score of 86 (Gross). Liz’s total score ticked off at 170. Good enough for 2nd place over the two rounds. As a reward Liz’s handicap gets a small cut to 14.1. Neither Gina Jillett nor Ronnie Mitchell were able to mount any serious challenge. Ladies Results…

CSS: 73


Senior Division
Realistically three players had a chance at victory. Seong Lim had the most ground to make up. His outward 9 was steady (39 gross). But he couldn’t kick into higher gear on the back 9 (41 gross). Henry L-B and Joseph Shin virtually matched each other on the front 9: 36 (gross) for Henry and 37 for Joseph. The back 9s were unsteady for both players. Joseph stumbled trough holes 13 and 14. After untidy approach on the 18th things looked a bit bleak. Henry L-B will regret holes 12 through 16. Without any exaggeration one can say that these five holes cost him the title. He managed to eagle the 17th (a feat copied by Tamas Ladacs). But the damage was done. Congratulations to Joseph and commiserations to Henry L-B. Men Results…

Junior Division
1st Round leader John Ahad decided to forgo (!) today’s round. Paul Green, Mark Rosamond and Ted Holt were the main contenders. Paul Green kept up his good recent form. A steady round of 88 (43 out and 45 in) was good enough to see off his challengers. Mark Rosamond had a stronger start (41 out) but a weaker back 9 killed off his chances. Ted Holt never came within touching distance of Paul and Mark. 3rd place is his reward. Men Results…

20 Aug '17

Richmond Park Golf Club Open

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The day after the Bontor for a lot of the participants. The field dealt with nice golfing conditions. Ed Henery, still high on his impressive singles win in the Bontor, posted a 71 net to become leader in the clubhouse. Cheryl Woodhouse decided to forgo the Bontor and focus on today’s comp (says a lot about her priorities!). An impressive 66 net and victory today are her rewards. On top of that Cheryl gets a 1.8 stroke handicap cut. Her new playiing handicap now stands at 20. Looks like another ESR may also be on the cards. Three Men tried really hard but came up just short. Oliver Maskell played an excellent back 9 en route to a 68 net. The biggest threat to Cheryl’s victory could/should’ve come from Richard Owen. Unfortunately Richard decided to get all of his bad shots out of the way on just 1 hole. As a small consolation Richard sees his handicap cut by 1.3 strokes to 11.3. Phil Flanagan kept up his good recent form by posting a 69 net. Brian McMahon 70 net completes the Top6. Where were the other ladies you ask? Looks like the Bontor took a lot out of them. Scroll down to position 14, 18, 20, 24 and below (no I’m not bitter). Mike Shabani couldn’t believe his eyes today when he saw Susan Smith’s form/score today! Results…

CSS: 71 (Men) – 73 (Ladies)

Pete Harrison won closest to the pin on the 7th and 10th (TBC). Oliver Maskell won closest to the pin in two on the 18th. A member from Putney Park won longest drive for the men on the 15th (TBC). Tenesi Karakavena  won longest drive for the ladies on the 15th.

19 Aug '17

Bontor Trophy

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Report due soon. Results…

16 Aug '17

Midweek Club Championship Rd 1

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Going out early didn’t prove to be a very big success. Ronnie, Gina and Habe went out as early starters and struggled to play their handicaps. The best round of the day belonged to the returning Kate Emmanuel (80 gross). Unfortunately she didn’t qualify for the Midweek Club Championship. Liz Britton matched Habe’s score of 84 (gross) setting up an interesting duel at the 2nd round next week. Ladies Results… | Men Results…

CSS ended at 68. No handicap changes. Looks like the Ladies playing Saturday’s Bontor complied very diligently with team orders.

13 Aug '17

Monthly Medals

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A small select group of ladies contested the August medal, a combination of holidays and other matches keeping many away. With the summer making a welcome return the winning score was a net 68 from recent joiner, Liz Britton with Jane Fraser one behind on 69. As half of the entrants were within their buffer zones, the CSS dropped one to 68. Results…


Golfing conditions proved to be excellent today. A big field were met with a welcome rise in the temperatures and virtually no wind. The rain of the start of the week had made the greens fairly receptive. The par 3’s suffered a real onslaught. No less than 8 birdies were recorded. Liam Bridger played excellent golf (39 out & 41 in). His score of 64 (80 gross) earns him 1st place today. On top of that Liam’s handicap gets cut to 15. Well done! Julian James may have let victory slip through his hands on the 18th. His score of 65 (79 gross) is good enough to hold off Kim Chaffart based on the countback rule. Julian also gets rewarded with a new handicap (13). Kim did record the lowest gross score 76 (65 net). Phil Flanagan 66 (85 gross), Mike Shabani 66 (81 gross) and Keith Cassidy 67 (77 gross) complete the Top6. Normally victory should’ve gone to Keith. But a breach of Rule 4-4 cost him 4 Penalty Strokes! Results…

CSS: 67

9 Aug '17

Midweek Anniversary Cup Rd 3

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Only five players braved the rain today. The rain became really heavy around 10.00 therefore preventing the majority of the field from going out. Gina went out in the 1st game. Her timing proved to be excellent. She enjoyed the “best” of the weather conditions on her route to a net score of 72. Richard Owen, Jon Rampuhl and David Vines finished some way behind Gina. Peter Osgood’s lost all chances of winning when he lost his ball on the 3rd. Ironically he recovered his ball when he walked up the fairway of the 18th hole! Results…

CSS: 72 (Men) – 74 (Ladies).No handicap changes.

Gina is one the only players to have completed in all MW Accumulator rounds. Despite posting her weakest score so far she remains in charge. Below you will find a table after today’s round. Still all to play for in the September round!

1 Gina Jillett 3 69 72 211
2 Veronica Mitchell 2 69 71 140
3 Henry Lindesay-Bethune 2 70 72 142
4 Keith Cassidy 2 71 72 143
5 Darren Enthoven 2 70 74 144
6 Jeremy Ryan 2 69 76 145
7 James Barker 2 71 75 146
8 Eelco Snijders 2 70 76 146
9 Ted Holt 2 68 79 147
10 Ann Gardner 2 64 83 147

6 Aug '17

Golden Jubilee

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A big field enjoyed good golfing conditions. Perhaps the size of the field affected the speed of play today. Too often there seemed to be two-hole gaps between games.

Tamas Ladacs kept up his excellent form. Consistent golf on the front nine (40) and inward nine (42) give him a score of 66 (82 gross). Last year’s winner, Henry L-B , looked to be on course of successfully defending his title. But he did a “Jordan Spieth” on the last hole. This left him no room to make up for his error. His score of 67 (77 gross) is still good enough for 2nd. Allan Cinnamond came in with the lowest gross score despite a “softer” front nine. Thanks to his 68 (75 gross) he finishes on the podium. 1st Lady today is Tenesi Karakaneva with an excellent 68 (88 gross). Jon Cooper 69 (79 gross) and Peter Osgood 70 (81 gross) complete the Top6. Shout-out to Peter Jagger for birdieing the 7th today. Results…

CSS: 71 (Men) – 73 (Ladies)

Today’s winner Tamas keeps cutting his handicap: his new handicap now stands at 14. (also setting him up nicely for an ESR … ) Well done. A long list of other players get new (playing) handicaps. Take note of your new handicap.

5 Aug '17

Mitcham Friendly

Report due soon. Report…