February 2023

February 2023

26 Feb '23

Women’s Stableford & Duke’s Eclectic Rd4 / Men’s Winter Competition R8

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Sunny to start but it clouded over; cold with wind chill but dry all day.


The leaders in the eclectic were both in form today. Gina showing no after effects from a week of golfing, or perhaps she had in fact been honing her game, albeit in somewhat warmer weather in Portugal. Pat gsve them a good run for today’s stableford taking 2nd spot on the back 9 from Silvia with Gina 2 points ahead to win today with 35 points.

This last round of the eclectic was always going to be a 2 horse (or more appropriately, woman) race! Both started off by cutting a shot from their score with pars on the 1st hole. Gina then went 1 further ahead after the 5th but Silvia came back on the 6th – so still 1 shot in it from the 3rd round. They both then improved their scores by one further shot, but Silvia’s birdies were of no help to her as she’d already recorded them for the same holes in an earlier round. (Both Cheryl and Seema got birdies also – but theirs were of the feathered kind, who just waddled away unconcerned)..

So Gina not only wins today’s comp but also the eclectic by 1.3 from Silvia. Their scores were 71.1 and 72.4 respectively.


In-form Peter Goodall shot the best score to win the last round of the winter competition – 40 points. Well done indeed but due WHS workings Peter replaced one good round with another so HI remains at 7.9. He was chased in the senior division by John Perkins 39 and Will B 38.

38 proved good for Alan K to take the junior division chased by Anthony Williams, Pat Dalton and Gunnar with 37s. Anthony’s HI is still in the throes of development and his 6th card attracted an ESR of -1.0 and an HI cut from 40.4 to 34.3.

Of course this was last round of Duke’s Eclectic with Will B edging Justin by a tenth of a shot to win 61.0 to 61.1; Oz and Peter G followed with 63s. Peter and Will managed with just the 3 of possible 4 rounds.

Overall Winter Comp Results from the 8 rounds played
Peter G winner 119
Justin W runner-up 117
Will B third 113

Giovanni winner 119
Alan K runner-up 112
Julian tied third 111
Gunnar tied third 111

24 Feb '23

Friday Sweep

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A chilly and cloudy mid morning gave way to a short, fine drizzly spell around midday, after which the sun came out.

The results show a tie-at-the-top on 21points by Brian Ransom, Pat Dalton and Richard Norden. All 3 players also all scored par for 3 points on the only hole played on the ‘back 9’. However, the software identifies Brian as the Countback winner on account of the “last 6 holes on the Front 9” and Pat as 2nd on account of the “last 3 holes on the Front 9”.

Sweep payout to top 3 (£7, £5, £4)

Hopefully the ladies will be back playing with us again next Friday on Prince’s.

22 Feb '23

Midweek Winter Comp R7/P4

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The field faced a (dramatic) change in playing conditions compared to last week. Lower temperatures, drizzle and lots of mud negating any kind of roll on the fairways were a sharp reminder of winter/autumn golf at the park. The sting was in the tail (end of the playing order). The Top6 all teed off after 9.30am.

Brian ended front and back 9 with a birdie. 21 (way out) and 20pts (way in) are just enough to see off the challenge of Richard N and Adrian. Richard N “only” scored 20pts on the front 9 missing out on the top spot. Adrian matched Brian’s score on the front 9. But 2 blobs on the back 9 prevent him from finishing higher than 3rd. 22pts on the back 9 allow Seymour take 4th. Best score on the back 9 goes Richard M (lots of Richards in this report). He scores 24pts: blob on 14th and birdie on the 18th = 5pts.

MW Princes Eclectic

Adrian Wells 61, Peter Goodall 62,  Alvaro Garcia-Hoz 63, Tamas Ladacs 63

19 Feb '23

Women’s Stableford & Prince’s Eclectic Rd4/ Men’s Winter Competition R7/P4

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A pleasant early Spring day with sunshine and not much wind though what there was had a chill to it .


The lovely sun didn’t seem to help most out there today, except for our new member, Sali, playing in her first official club comp she came out a mere 7 points ahead of both Deb & Cheryl with her 38 points which will be rewarded with a handicap reduction of just under 2 shots in the morning. Well played Sali and welcome onboard.

Special mention to Silvia for her eagle 3 on the 10th hole – amazing!!

This was the last round of the Prince’s eclectic and despite Cheryl knocking 5 off her score it was not enough to catch Pat who wins the eclectic by 0.2 on 72.3 from Cheryl.


Sam Goodchild-Way led the way in the senior division with an even 38 points – chased by Justin W whose 37 included 2 ‘blobs’. Consistent 36s came from Will B and Peter G, Will recording the 3rd Sunday eagle on 14th – nice one.

The junior division was also won with 38 points with Martn Hay edging Adrian and Michael C on back 9.

9 divisional sweep prizes awarded – 5 senior 4 junior due to greater number of senior participants.

This was last round for the Prince’s Winter Eclectic which sees Roger Rojas the winner 60.6 after just 3 rounds of the 4 from Kerry on 61.5.

The overall Winter Comp has just 1 round left and after 7 played :
Senior division leaders
Justin W 117
Peter G 114

Junior division leaders
Givanni C 119
Julian J 111

17 Feb '23

Friday Sweep

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On a mild but cloudy day, the strong south-westerly winds from the effects of Storm Otto over Scotland were the most significant challenge (and assistance) during the round.

The ‘best 2 scores from 3 players’ proved difficult for all teams on some holes with all teams have the odd 2-pointer (or less !!). It turned out that there were only 2 teams that played ‘better than par (72 points)’, with the team of Pete Goodall, Justin Wildman and Seymour Laird (79 points) outscoring Pat Dalton, Bill Norman and Alex Braun (77 points).

As is so often the case, the story of winners and runners up came down to the closing few holes. Alex birdied both the 15th and 16th and his team scored 13 team points on those 2 holes, but then they only scored 7 team points on the 17th and 18th. Pete birdied the 15th and the 18th (on the green with his tee shot), giving his team 13 points on 17th and 18th, plus 9 team points on the 15th and 16th.

Sweep payout to the winning team (£6 each).

15 Feb '23

Midweek Winter Comp R6/D3

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An early chill gradually morphed into very nice spring weather.

This didn’t prevent early starter Paul from setting (a very high) mark with 42pts.  His round was solid: 20pts + 22pts. Other way to look at his round: there were no 7’s on his scorecard. That goes a long way to winning a golf competition. Nobody else came close. Alan stuck to the golf law that every good round starts with a DB. Add 2 blobs and it’s no wonder he “only” recorded 16pts on the front 9. But he torched the back 9 for 23pts (5 3-pointers didn’t hurt). 2nd place also means he solidifies his position in this MW Winter Comp. Uli was still on a high after a close win an NAPGC comp last week. 20pts + 18pts earn him 3rd place. Adrian and Richard N also register 38pts but the countback awards them 4th and 5th place respectively.

MW Winter
Alan King (114), Tamas Ladacs (111) Chris Newman (110)

Midweek Duke’s Eclectic
Chris Newman 65, Tamas 65, Uli 66, Peter G 67

12 Feb '23

Women’s Team Event / Men’s February Monthly Medal

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Mildish with grey skies and just faint spots of drizzle set the backdrop for the day.


Two teams of three played the women’s favourite format – a Texas Scramble.  Both teams had 13 shots.   The winning team of Katharina, Alison and Pat scored a steady 38 points with no double bogeys and no birdies.    KK and AC felt they made good contributions to the scoring but the team largely owed the nine point victory to the good form of Pat!


Some excellent individual scores were returned in the medal.
Senior Division
Peter Needham pulled out the stops to win with 67 and parring all 3 par3s. Club Champion Richard Back shot just 3 over par and claimed front and back 9 honours along with a snip from 4.1 to 3.9 which I believe to be his lowest HI.

Junior Division
Pat Dalton returned a fantastic 63 ( HI trimmed 23.9 to 23.1) to win junior medal leaving Anis and Sean 4 off the pace with highly commendable 67s.

11 Feb '23

Gordon Forster Bowl, Round 2 contd.

The Richmond Park “early birds” team, captained by Brendan Sullivan, won their Round 2 match against the Huntswood “D” team. The match was played in nice sunny conditions with the Prince’s course in fine condition.

The match tee times were arranged for 08.00am (home & away). Alan van Wyk & Ryan Wilson made the early journey to Huntswood. Conditions were calm  and they both combined to score Alan 24pts + Ryan 32pts (total 56pts) against the home pair of Martin Rogerson 37pts + Mike o’ Reilly 34pts (total 71pts).  

Meanwhile back on Prince’s, Brendan Sullivan & Russell Stewart built a commanding score of 40pts + 39pts (total 79pts) which had an excellent 21pts on the back 9 by Russell, whilst our travelling opponents found the Prince’s course significantly more difficult, with Lee Coughlin 24pts  + Sam Stevens 27pts (total 51pts).

So, overall Richmond Park played the better golf for a well deserved 135pts – 122pts victory.  The team’s next opponents will be the winners of the match between Tilgate Forest & Wycombe Heights.

10 Feb '23

Friday Sweep

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A frosty start soon developed into a lovely sunny winter’s morning, with relatively dry and mud-free conditions and all 18 greens ‘in play’.

Good scoring proved difficult for almost all the field with only today’s winner, Bill Norman (39 points), scoring more than ‘par’. Bill par’d 6 of the first 13 holes, amassing 32 points by that stage, but wobbled with only 4 points on the last 4 holes (without which his score would have been well into the 40’s). In 2nd place was Bridget Stone (36 points); Bridget also found the front 9 easier with 22 points out but only 14 points in. Graham Cull, playing alongside Bridget, came in 3rd with 35 points; his was a steady round of 18 points out and 17 in. These top 3 were followed by a clutch of 6 players on 32 points.

The best scores analysis report shows that Bridget had the best front 9 (22 points) and Peter Flint had the best back 9 (19 points). Mayumi, Colin Price and Gary Simpson were best on the three par 3’s, all amassing 8 points, and Richard Back had 2 birdies (although he and Richard Inglis lost their side match against Kevin Prendergast and Richard Owen).

Congratulations to out our Top 3, who collect the sweep monies (£13, £8, £4).

8 Feb '23

Gordon Forster Bowl, Round 2

The Richmond Park ‘B’ team played their 2nd round match against the Huntswood ‘C’ team and won through by a close margin (back 9 countback).

It had been a very cold night and both the Richmond and Huntswood courses were frosty and ‘frozen on top’ when play began. The Richmond home team of Alvaro Garcia and Alan King (a very late replacement for Kim Chaffart) dealt with the conditions better than the visiting Huntswood players, winning by a combined 5 stableford points overall (56 vs 51). The Huntswood players just couldn’t cope with the “very small” frozen greens.

The away team of captain Uli Katte and Richard Owen had a 45minutes delayed start due to fog and had to play the first 5 holes with less than 100m visibility on occasions, relying on their opponents to tell them which direction the green was ! It was a relatively close away match with Huntswood winning by a combined 5 stableford points (70 vs 65).

So the match was decided by countback on the back 9, which Richmond Park won by 5 points (6 up at home and 1 down away). The team’s next opponents will be the winners of the match between Thorney Park & Haste Hill.