May 2005

May 2005

21 May '05

Clapham Common – Rd 2 v Basildon C

Result: Loss by 30 points

Home team
David Marsh & Michael Rossiter
Jon Cooper & Peter Harrington
Rob Urquhart & Richard Owen

Away team
Kerry Sargeant & Toby Hunt
Ian Smith & George Martin
Phil Flanagan & Tim Meyer

On a day of heavy showers and horrendous rough the disappointed home team made a valiant effort to overhaul last year’s National winners, who surrendered nothing in terms of skill and good fortune.

Basildon had clearly lost none of their strong competitiveness to win, and win they did, by 9 points at home and 21 away.

21 May '05

Whitewebbs – Team B Rd 2 Home to Bird Hill

Result: 3½-1½ Win

The team comprised Sheena Harrington, Anne Koychev, Maureen Slade, Julie Smith and Tracy Wright.

As with our Hawtree team, the Richmond Park team were the givers and not the receivers, with Anne having to give 2 shots on 4 holes, her opponent receiving 22 shots. It was only in Maureen’s game that no shots were exchanged with this game going to the 18th green before Maureen sunk the winning putt.

Needless to say this statistic in their favour only enhanced their already very friendly approach to the afternoon, despite one of their team preferring to be watching the FA Cup Final. Although I’m sure that once she found out the result she wasn’t so bothered.

The weather (cloudbursts on & off most of the morning) and the Cup Final were helpful in keeping people away from the course, but despite not having to wait too much, if at all, at most of the holes the round still took 5 hours courtesy of the penal rough around our newly narrow fairways. Fortunately for us, we spent more time looking for the Bird Hill balls than we did our own, a fact reflected in our victory.

8 May '05

Hawtree – Team A Rd 2 Home to Ruislip

Result: 3-2 Win

Winning pairs: Ian & Julie Smith, Martin & Tracy Wright, Jon Cooper & Di Jackett

Losing pairs: Dave William & Maureen Slade, George Martin & Sheena Harrington

The Hawtree Team A had a splendid win against a team from Ruislip who in the past have lifted the trophy in three consecutive years and who more recently (last year) won the regional final.

Team optimism was not high going onto the first tee as all our pairings had to give a minimum of 5 shots with Ian & Julie giving a massive 16 shots. The outcome came down to the final pair of Jon & Di who nailed the result after going dormie (don’t know how to spell this) 2 up at the 16th and sealing the win on the next hole.

Despite their obvious confidence in the outcome, Ruislip sent a very friendly and affable team, coping as well as we did with the effect of playing foursomes behind the clubs’ four balls and the day was enjoyed by all members of both teams.

We now look forward to our 3rd round match against Little Hay.