October 2022

October 2022

30 Oct '22

Lissaman Cup – 3 Clubs & a Putter (Top Dog Event 7 of 7)

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Morning showers abated but returned later in afternoon for the annual 3 clubs and a putter competition.

Over the years scores generally have compared with the normal 14 club allowance.

Well done indeed to winner Joe Goncalves on back 9 from Nigel Ward – 66s; 4 further scores in 60s from Sam,Brian M.Tony K and Paul Green. Joe shot 1 over par back 9 with his 3 clubs!!

Best woman Gina 72.

For the men, this was the last competition in the ‘Top Dog’.
In attached ‘friendly ‘ format Richard Owen is winner of The Senior Top Dog 29 points from Paul Kamerling 25 and Richard Smith 24 – after all JH Taylor KO matches results.

Also attached is the Junior Top Dog with Duncan T the narrow winner 25 from Goran K and Charlie W 24s – this after the 2 semi-finals of Two Courses Cup but the finalists have minimal/zero points so result would not alter Junior Top Dog.

28 Oct '22

Friday 5 clubs and putter Sweep

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Considering that competitors were limited to 5 clubs and putter, the scores were as good (if not better !) for many of the participants on this very mild late October day with occasional sunshine and very little wind.

First place went to Cuneyt Sazer (43 points), a weekend regular but rarely seen on a Friday. His outward 9 holes (20 points) started with 3 straight pars and his back 9 (23 points) comprised 5 pars and 4 bogies – all would seem to have been quite straightforward for him, however his playing partner Brian described some of his play as “miraculous”, from difficult situations.

Pat Barbour took 2nd place with 41 points; 17 points out (including 2 blobs) and 24 points in (the best scoring back 9 of the day). Today’s round was one of Pat’s best ever rounds and, as it was entered for General Play, should earn her a handicap reduction.

Two Friday regulars, Andrew Brown and Richard Norden, took 3rd and 4th places with 37 points, Andrew’s back 9 22 points narrowly beating Richard’s 21 points. The ‘Competition Scoring Analysis’ report and ‘Best Scores Analysis’ report are attached. Interestingly, the front 9 had the 3 easiest holes (2nd, 3rd and 4th) followed by the 4 hardest holes (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th).

Sweep payout to top 4 (£11, £8, £5, £3).

28 Oct '22

Midweek Charity Trophy

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Golf is already complicated enough. It doesn’t help when the weather conditions are pretty miserable. The recent rains had taken away all roll on the fairways. The biggest obstacle were the strong winds. As usual the winds were swirling pretty heavily.  Standing on the tees of the 5th and 14th it was pretty obvious that there was a headwind. How in earth is it then possible that you also have headwind on the 15th and 16th? One of the many mysteries of the park I guess.

Peppe battled through a painful knee to claim victory today. 22pts on the way out was a solid basis for a good round. 1-pointers on 13 and 18 were the sole blemishes on his card. 17pts on the back 9 were enough keep him clear of the chasing pack. Neil was one of the early starters. It can be argued that the winds were not as strong as later in the day. Despite a blob on the 14th Neil had an excellent back 9 (20pts) to take 2nd. Stu used the best back 9 of the day (21pts) to finish 3rd 1pt behind Neil. Places 4-6 all go to early starters. Tom Simpkins had the score on the way out (23pts). This pretty good enabled him to take the last “money spot”.

Just 2 other bits:

– the headwind on 15 and 16 was real. The 15th played as SI3 today. And there were no birdies on the 16th today. Only 4 (!!!) players parred that hole.

– Even though the tees were moved forward and there was a strong tailwind there were “just” 2 birdies recorded on hole 17.

23 Oct '22

Charity Cup – Macmillan CR day

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Rain was the order of the day with early games catching the worse. The sun eventually shone but just before dusk the heavens opened with thunderstorms. As a consequence the field was reduced.

Full credit to Jihum off 19 returning 42 points [22 out 20 back] to win the Charity Trophy. 3 behind was Raymond with Will B 37..
Best woman was Silvia 31 off 7 with special mention to Mark Bean for 3 birdies on back 9.

22 Oct '22

Autumn Mixed Foursomes

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The last of the Saturday events on the calendar and the sole surviving pure foursomes event with awards at the annual dinner for both gross and net winners.

Don’t think we could have been luckier with the weather as it was drizzling by the time I left, but pity the bunkers were so compacted after the recent rain.
The sausage roll before we went out was very tasty and trust everyone else who had one of these or a bacon roll also enjoyed theirs. It was also good to be able to sit outside as we gathered afterwards for a drink. There was certainly a lot of laughs around the table which could have been down to discussing the worst or even best holes played – Justin and Susan’s 7th for example where Susan had to get out of the same bunker twice (sorry guys!!) or perhaps Avi deciding to jettison Patrick for Peter in the next foursomes comp!

But to the results…. a close run thing in both the net and gross competitions.
The net winners are Peter and Cheryl with a 71 beating Brendan and Sheena on the back 9 & this with both an 8 and 9 on their card but probably made up for these with a couple of birdies.

In the gross comp Brendan and Sheena had an 84 to beat Nick and Ronnie by 1

Prizes will be awarded at the annual dinner for the winners & runners-up in the nett comp and for the winners in the gross

21 Oct '22

Friday Texas Scramble

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It was a mild, autumnal day with strong, blustery winds from the south and occasional glimpses of the sun. Threatening dark skies appeared from time to time but luckily very little rain fell as the wind blew the showers by.

Although there were a few late cancellations, 5 teams competed and recorded good and very good scores. Only one stroke separated the first and second teams, with the 4-man team of Peters Goodall and Flint, Rannesh Jansari and Richard Owen coming out on top with a net 61 (67 gross which is 4 under par for the men’s card). Some amazingly good putting on the front 9 was the backbone of this scoring, with all the first 8 holes being 1-putted.

The runner-up 3-man team of Naveed Manazir, Richard Norden and Ian Burgess, with a net 62, had a 74 gross (3 over par for the men’s card). It’s always more difficult competing with just 3 in a team, so great scoring.

In 3rd place the team of Adrian Wells, Julian James, Brian Ransom and Seymour scored 66 net, 73 gross (which is just 2 over par for the men’s card – so solid scoring). A close thing for 4th and 5th places between Gary Simpson + Colin Price + Bob Kent on net 70 and the women’s team of Jayne Maxwell + Ann Gardner + Anya Toprak Zengin with a net 71.

Sweep payout to the winning team (just £4 each !)

19 Oct '22

Harrington Trophy (3 clubs & putter)

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The strong winds today must have caused a few headaches. How else explain the wide range of WITB (for the youtube neophytes WITB is an acronym for What’s in the bag)? The other most common remark after today’s round was: why do I carry 14 clubs in my bag? Think people overlook the fact we played Prince’s today. Playing this comp on Duke’s would be (even) more complicated.

Peppe put his brace on the correct knee today. He managed to record 26pts on the 12 par 4’s today (nobody matched that tally). His score on the 16th was not pretty (Triple Bogey). But it didn’t totally wreck his card. To his own surprise his score of 36pts (17+19) was the winning score today. Richard Owen recovered very well from 2 blobs on the front 9 (16pts out). His back nine was even better. A tap-in birdie more on the 18th more than made up for a blob on 12th (to be fair that was his only blemish on the back 9). Ian also recorded 35pts. But he had a softer back 9 to finish 3rd. Richard N and Brett finish 4/5th respectively. Brian was the best of the group on 32pts. His birdie on the 17th was a bit out of the ordinary: His tee-shot faded through the trees on the left and landed short of the road. That surgical precision was totally absent on his approach. His second shot went long (as Ross said to Rachel: really long). As karma would would have it he sank the mammoth birdie putt from off the green. This stroke (of luck) is not without importance: since one person ahead of Brian didn’t enter the sweep Brian slides into the last position that earns sweep money.

Shout-out to Gina and Ryan who finished their rounds this morning in 2h and 45 min.

16 Oct '22

Autumn Stableford (R2 of 2) / Committee Cup Rd 2

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A mild start with late autumn sunshine still having power to warm. Late games saw beginnings of a front.


Unusually scores were generally better for the first round on Dukes, Julie was the only one with a higher score in her 2nd round. If Hilary had been keeping tabs on her score she might have harboured hopes of winning but late entrant Gina extended her first round lead to win the Committee Cup with Hilary in second spot.


On the day, Ross Hood shot an exemplary 1 over par 69 (with 5 birdies) and his HI dropped to 4.5 -leading the Senior division on countback from Bernie McD ; Wil B completed firs 3 line-up in the division with 38.

Harrison Chesterton [4th WHS round ] and Suhail led Junior division 39 with trio of Tom Simpkins, Barry P and Robin T chasing with 36 points.

This was a 2 round competition and congratulations to Justin Bradford holding on to his first round lead to win Senior Division 76. Bernie McD and Richard B close behind with 75. In the Junior Division Suhail shot up the leader board with his 39 for a 2nd round72 from Sean O’Sullivan 71 with Michael Hackett 69.

15 Oct '22

Rickmansworth 2nd Leg (away)

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After several delays (Queen’s funeral, and admin mistake by the Rickmansworth team) 12 brave RPGC souls suited up for a (very) early tee-time near Watford. 3 rookies were present for the “Tricky Ricky” experience. The course itself was even more challenging than before: the dew slowed the greens down quite a bit and any hope of roll on the fairways at this early hour was a pipe dream. Things “improved” a little on the back 9 (thanks to the mild temperatures).  

Mike Shabani and Tony Kopczak were originally scheduled to tee off first but a stroke of luck/genius by the team captain Kim broke up this pairing. In the end Roger Rojas and Tony became the “leading pair”. They halved the first hole: Ricky’s “bogey” was matched by their Double Bogey”. Unfortunately, things didn’t improve for our frontrunners as they lost 4 of the next 6 holes. An uncharacteristic win on hole 8 sent them into the turn already 3 Down. Losses on holes 10/11 really didn’t help. A brief resurgence (wins on holes 13/14) were nipped in the butt by a loss on the long par 3 hole over the ravine. Loss 4&3. RPGC – Ricky 0-1.

Mike Shabani and Kim opened with 2 pars, the rest of the front 9 kept going back & forth and RPGC was only 1 Down after 9. An ugly loss on 11 increased the pressure. Our pair remained 2 Down after walking off the 15th. Luckily Mike decided to step up with a win on 16 and a halve by Kim on the 17th meant we teed off Dormie 1 down on 18. Mike then really proved that trees are made of 90% air; his “fade” somehow went through the leaves/branches of trees on the left and onto the fairway and Mike’s approach into the green put massive pressure on the Ricky pair (some clubs even went airborne … ). All Mike needed to do was walk off the green with a solid 2-putt. He lines up his putt, starts the backswing, ball leaves the club face … and ends up 2 feet short! But showing true grit Mike walked up his ball and calmly sank the putt. Match halved. RPGC – Ricky 0.5-1.5. The result we needed! Tamas and Alvaro went 3 Down after the front 9 (even though they scored 22pts Stableford in 4BBB format). Even though they attempted a comeback they ended up losing 5&4. Rookies Ben and Louis Dickey had a tough time and lost by a wide margin Unfortunately Pete G and Sean T experienced the same fate. Richard O. & Uli lost in the final game by the slimmest margin (3&2). 

RPGC wins the tie 6.5 – 5.5. The cup (as per below) is back home.

Overall standings in this friendly match over the years: Ricky 28 wins – RPGC 24 wins.

We ‘only’ need 6 points to retain the cup next year – thanks goodness.

14 Oct '22

Friday Team Stableford (1,2,3 waltz)

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It was a dull but mild day with just a few sprinkles of rain towards the end of our rounds.

As shown on the Best Scores Analysis report the team of Peter Goodall, Jeremy Prescott and Cheryl Woodhouse had the best front 9 (39 points); the best back 9 (41 points) was scored by the Graham Cull, Seymour Laird and Richard Owen team, and by the Pralab Barua, Peter Fisher and Richard Norden team. Unsurprisingly, the most points scored on the Par 5 holes was by the team with 2 women (Ann Gardner, Elizabeth Piner and Peppe). Commiserations to Rannesh and Uli Katte, who ‘lost’ their 3rd team member (Ed Robinson) after his first 9 holes and who had to play separately, rather than together.

When all the points were counted up, the clear winners (78 points) were the team of Graham, Seymour and Richard O. The 14 points they scored on the final 3 holes was probably the main difference and thanks to Graham for scoring 9 of them. Runners up, just 3 points behind were Pralab, Richard N. and Peter (75 points).

Sweep payout to the winning team.