June 2024

June 2024

30 Jun '24

The Centenary Trophy

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It started cool and there was drizzle before the sun eventually broke through for the new Centenary Trophy.

Well done to the winner Paul Kamerling with 64 – 6 ‘3s’ , 3 birdies out in level par, best gross and a likely reduction in HI to single figure. The long-standing leader in clubhouse with an excellent 67 was Joan Mulcahy. There followed outstanding 68s from Mel Dunn, Richard Inglis and Paul Green.

Special mention to Aidan Hurley for his eagle 3 off the whites at the 17th making 4th men’s Sunday eagles.

This was the 2nd competition in the Anniversary Cup which sees a tie after 2 events Gunnar Sundberg, Mike Assender and Paul Kamerling 147s.

26 Jun '24

Midsummer Trophy

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The round was played in bright sunshine and little wind. The temp was around 29 degrees for those who weren’t among the early starters.
The top 8 scores were all 36+ points with two ladies leading the way. only 3 holes did not have a birdie scored and only hole 7 had no pars either! The easiest hole for scoring was 14th with 3 birdies and 16 pars.

Very well done to Avi who made it look easy for her 40 points with 21 on the front 9 and 19 on the back. She also had a blob on the 10th!!

23 Jun '24

Shaw Cup (Top Dog 3/7)

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Sunny periods to start and it warmed up until clouded over; good conditions and turnout – 62.

Scoring was extremely close with 4 37s and 5 36s atop the leaderboard. Overall winner being Toby Hunt [could have been better but for ‘blob’ on 8th] on a back 6 countback from Will Balakrishnan again 1 under par gross for back 9; James Burr’s 37 edged Richard Smith’s on the last 3 holes. Fine 36s from Paul Fulham [22 back 9], Justin Wildman, Niamh Grace (best woman), Ben Fisher and Dilip Mailvaganam.

Gunnar Sundberg shared front 9 honours with Dilip despite ‘blob’ at 2nd. Lady Captain Cheryl recovered her ‘lost’ wedge and well done for a birdie at the difficult 7th

This was 3rd in Top Dog [attached] for men with Will leading the senior division 20 from Kerry Sargeant; Gunnar Sundberg leads the junior 18 from Richard Inglis.

19 Jun '24

Founders Cup – Mrs Millidge (5/6)

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A glorious summer day, for the 5th round of the Midweek Founders Cup!
Below the final result sheet and some additional competition related reports.

It was the first midweek comp this year on Dukes with a choice for the men about whether to tee off the white or the yellow tees.
The field split roughly half, with a slight majority on the yellow side.

Oliver made best use of the rapidly increasing firmness of fairways and greens, closely followed by Reiko.
The top five results are all in a range between 38 and 36 Stableford points and interestingly we had no ‘outliers’ in the 40s this time.

16 Jun '24

The Captains’ Day (Top Dog 2/7)

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A good turnout of 73 for Captains’ Day – the odd shower/ spots early but otherwise sunny intervals and a cool wind for mid-June.

Best score came from new member David Grace with 46 points (22 out 24 back) but depicted as DQ since must have 6 completed WHS scores before can win comp under RPGC rules.
So Will Balakrishnan the winner on 37 points on countback from the in-form Kerry Sargeant; Will returned a fantastic one under 35 par gross on the difficult back 9 off whites whist Kerry kept a six off his card for his 37 despite 2 ‘blowouts’ .A steady 36 points from Joe Gonclaves edged Captain Uli Katte [3 birdies] on countback whilst Paul Kamerling shot 35 points and indeed was 1 under par gross after 6.

Of interest 38 men played off white tees with 21 yellow.

For the women there were indeed some good scores -with Sheena Harrington winning on countback 34 points from Gina Jillett and next fresh from foreign lands was Avi Murphy 33 points.

Thanks to Cheryl for the ‘libations’ on 10th tee….

Novelty prizes were as below (I think correct but original flags in white cupboard).

2NTP in 2Aidan Hurley
7NTPMichael Hayden
10NTPGina Jillett
15Longest DrivePaul KamerlingSheena Harrington
16NTPMel DunnDeborah Potter
18NTP in 2Greg WrightKatharina Katte

Gunnar Sundberg 18
Richard Inglis 1

For the men this doubled as round 2 of the ‘Top Dog’ by division.
Leaders per report below:
Kerry Sargeant 16
Mel Dunn 12
Will Balakrishnan 12

12 Jun '24

MW June Plate

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The course and weather combined to make very pleasant playing conditions. The greens were more like true greens that we could putt on with confidence.
Scores generally were good but not exceptional. Both Fhorkan Uddin and Alex Braun scored 22 points on the back nine with Fhofkan edging out Alex on a countback of the last 6 holes. Alex must rue not scoring on the first hole.
A similar story for third place with Russell Stewart taking it from Chris Rudkin on a last six hole countback.

9 Jun '24

June Monthly Medal (GM4/8) /Women’s PING 4BBB

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After many years of this event, the women of RP decided to participate in England Golf’s Ping 4BBB who award prizes to each club’s winners and runners-up.

Congratulations to the 2 random pairs put together for today’s competition who both finished on 42 points but with a pretty impressive 25 points on the back 9 Doreen & Katharina easily took it from Elisabeth & Reiko.
It’s not the easiest format to look at individual play but Katharina only dropped 4 shots on the back 9 and Doreen’s birdie on the 16th just added to their total.


A sunny start but it clouded over and there was a noticeable cool northerly.

Tough conditions for the June Medal with thick rough just off fairway leading to lost balls and 17 NRs. Again a significant WHS PCC overnight expected as a result.
But there was still some very good golf.
In the senior division Kerry Sargeant carded an impressive 67 – starting with a birdie and with 2 more on back 9 for 38 out 36 back. Kerry had a convincing 5 shot lead from Joe Gonclaves and Wonil Son on 72. ,Paul Kamerling and Louis Dickey were a shot further behind with 73s – Paul with an impressive 38 back 9.

In the junior division the leading light was Dilip Mailvaganam with an incredible 64 chased by Bernie McDermott on 66 – including an eagle at 14 (only 4 Sunday eagles to date this year per attached)=well done! 5 behind was Gerard Outtara with 71. Special mention to Ben Fisher who had a purple patch of birdies on back 9 -3,3,2 at 14-16!

This was 4th in the Grand 1medal series and currently leading senior division is Tamas Ladacs with 4 rounds completed 286 from Paul Kamerling 207 (just 3). The junior division sees Nigel Ward the leader 285 from Tony Kopczack 28 (both 4 rounds).

5 Jun '24

MW June Medal (MGMT Rd4/8)

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Definitely a case of girls on top today! With Gina taking the Div 1 honours and Sheena the Div 2 with Jayne in 2nd spot in Div 2. The men had been moved forward to the yellow tees to help alleviate some of the pain of the rough on Duke’s, but it doesn’t appear to have helped much!

Looking at both Gina & Jayne’s cards it is evident that they kept out of the rough and hence their scores, but Sheena’s win included a hole matching 12 on the 12th courtesy of the rough.

Of the 43 entrants there were no fewer than 20 NRs since finding a ball was definitely more luck and stepping in the right spot than being able to see it. Not only did we have to deal with the rough but that cold wind didn’t help – there will no doubt be a PCC adjustment at midnight tonight on the handicaps (it was 2 shots)

After 4 rounds of the MW Grand Medal, Chris Jones leads the way by 3 (287) from Uli.

2 Jun '24

Platinum Jubilee (70yrs 1924-1994)

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A very pleasant summer’s day for the Platinum Jubilee – first of 5 in the Anniversary Cup. Sunny with a breeze not cloudy with northerly wind of late.

Conditions on Duke’s proved very difficult with the thick rough meaning many lost balls and time searching etc. 12 hole scores of 10 or over were recorded and 22 ‘No Returns’. No doubt the WHS Playing Condition Calculation overnight will reflect this.

The winner was Chris Mellish off 12 with 72 – Chris went out in 35 but back in 49 inc. an 8 and 9; next were three 73s from Umran Ali (7 & best back 9), Mike Assender (12) and Robert Carlile (14). Next was early starter Bernie McDermott 74. Best woman Silvia Bortoli off 10 – 78.

Playing his 4th WHS round was Tom Laybourn with creditable 72 off 32. [6 needed for comp win eligibilty].