May 2021

May 2021

30 May '21

Spring Bank Holiday Plate

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It was a chilly start but the sun eventually broke through for a glorious warm day.

Winner of the Bank Holiday Plate was back in form Richard B 41 points with Mike Shabani runner-up 40. Katharina took 3rd on contback g=from Lica for 3rd and 38 points. Ned was best 37 on countbacks from Geoge T and Daniel.

There wer 9 ‘Twos’ recorded. Best front 9 24pts – Luca whilst John A and Katharina best back 22.

Richard B re-featured in birdies report attached – both he and George M had 4.

29 May '21

NAPGC Clapham Common match vs Huntswood

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RPGC team narrowly lost this first round match 209 to 206 points

28 May '21

Friday Team Competition (1,2,3 waltz)

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Our first Friday team competition was played in fine, mainly sunny early summer weather conditions and competitors seemed to enjoy playing as a ‘team’ for a change. With all the recent rain the fairways were softer than they will become and the semi-rough & rough have become ‘lush’. The only down side was the 4-ball of golf novices on a ‘day out’ in front of us, who caused a horrendous ‘back up’ of games over the front 9.

The winning team, with a total of 76 points, was the socially distanced Adrian Wells (who was card marking in an early game) together with Ann Gardner and Jeremy Prescott, playing towards the back of our main group. Together they went out in 37 points, mainly due to Ann’s personal 21 points, and then came back in an even stronger 39 points, this time mainly due to Adrian’s 22 points, but Jeremy pitched in with 2 and 3 points on the front and back 9s when needed to.

It was close between 2nd, 3rd and 4th places (73, 72 and 71 points respectively) with the team of Julian, Naveed and Tim clinching the runner’s up place with 39 out and 34 back, and Alvaro, Alan and Kevin posting 39 out and 33 back. So it seems both of these teams ran out of steam on the back 9, particularly by comparison with our winners.

The sweep monies will be shared by the winning team members.

We will have another team event in 3 weeks time.

27 May '21

Founders Cup – J Hume (4 of 4)

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The rain of the last couple of days created some trouble: there was little roll on the fairways. The rough has grown quite rapidly since the rain made its return. The softer greens created some very welcome grip. But they could’ve done with a better roll. Some men will have been in a bit of a shock to see the white tees moved all the way to the back on 17 and 18.

Today’s Top 4 all seemed to follow the same course of action: get at least 20pts on the back 9. Leader in the clubhouse Joe Goncalves set the bar very high with his 39pts. 3 people came close. Charlie Edwards had an excellent back 9 (23pts) but has to settle for 2nd. First woman today, Gina, is keeping up her good form (save some good shots for the Hawtree …) on her way to 3rd. You guessed right: she scored 20pts on the way in. Richard Young scored 20pts too but the countback moves him into 4th. The 2 players who finished on 36pts both had 17pts on the back 9. Pete’s final six holes were just a bit better. So he takes 5th place.

Only 3 2s were recorded today. All took place on the 10th hole. Looks like Pete Goodall won the Founders Cup with 118pts.

23 May '21

Summer Cup/Committee Cup Rd 2 – UKPCC Qualifier

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Perhaps it was all those years being toughened up in the army, but unlike the rest of us the wind and rain of today seemed only to enhance Donna’s play. Finishing a mere 6 points ahead of Julie with 39 and 33 points respectively. In our game, mud balls and the rough certainly played its part. With a 10 point difference between her score today and the first week’s leader, Donna is the well-deserved winner of the Committee Cup overturning a 5 point deficit with ease. Her total score was 72

Donna was left to rue her decision not to confirm entry into the UKPCC letting Julie, in 2nd spot, win through to be our qualifier. Others may qualify if scores from other clubs are as low as ours today!!


Cool conditions with odd shower were inappropriate for The Summer Cup.
Compared with recent weeks scoring was subdued but Uli came out on top with 38 points from Rhys, Alan and Kevin.

Unusually no ‘Twos’ were recorded.

Resu;ts below depict UKPCC entrants with a tick.

22 May '21

Siemens Bowl vs Wexham Park GC

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On a wintry day in May, marked by intermittent showers and a strong icy wind, the scoring on both sides was remarkably good, given the conditions.

The result of the four, fourball betterball stableford matches, was that Wexham Park triumphed by the very slim margin of 153 points to our 151.

Our four pairs, who individually played to 85% of their Course Handicaps scored as follows:

Away pairs, John Ahad and Adrian Wells (38 points) plus Paul Green and Shaun Dupreez (39 points) managed a combined 77 points against the Wexham opponents score of 76 points.

At Prince’s, Mike and Chris Jones (38 points) plus Cuneyt Sazer and Tony Kopczak (36 points) had their combined 74 points bettered by Wexham Park’s 77 points.

So, a very close call indeed; the 60 foot breaking birdie putt sunk by our 27 handicap opponent on a par three for 4 points was pivotal to the result.

Onwards and upwards!

John Ahad (Captain)

21 May '21

Friday Stableford sweep

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The extremely high south-westerly winds and rain that fell after midday made playing golf very difficult and far from enjoyable. The scores reflected the conditions and just finishing was an achievement.

Long hitting Charlie Edwards, playing in his first Friday competition for a while, took the honours with 32 points (17 out, 15 in and 7 pars). In 2nd place, just one point back, was Uli Katte who seemed to relish the bad weather, going out in only 11 points but scoring 20 points on the back 9 (6 pars total). Brian, Graham and Colm all scored 29 points, with Brian taking 3rd place on countback. With the reduced field of 15 players the sweep pay out will be to 1st and 2nd only.

Next week the format changes to a stableford ‘1,2,3 waltz’ team competition, however anyone who wants to submit a card to WHS can still keep an individual card and submit as General Play.

19 May '21

Founders Cup – Mrs Millidge (3 of 4)

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The rain of the last couple of days cancelled out some of the weird bounces that we had grown used to. Greens were also a lot more receptive. Weirdly they seemed to have lost some pace. Soft(er) fairways also meant that there was far less roll (as Gina said so eloquently: The balls are going nowhere …). Think the field must have been rather pleased that the Met Office had it wrong: believe that only the early starters had to deal with some rain. Most of the field could leave the umbrella and waterproofs in the golf bag.

Today’s clear winner is Eliot Kerr. Despite two 7s on the front 9 he was able to record 23pts on the way out. Birdies on 14 and 15 were a nice extension of that excellent front 9. The only reason his margin of victory wasn’t bigger was because of an untimely 6 on the 18th. The MC started slowly, can’t really give another definition for a sequence 5,5,5 and 4 on the first 4 holes. He then steadied himself and despite an ugly 5 on the 18th finished 2nd with 40pts. Alastair Whyte lost to the MC on countback (NR’s on 13 and 17 didn’t help). Peter Goodall is keeping up his excellent form with a score of 39pts. Early starter Nafeez was leader in the clubhouse for a couple of hours with 38pts. Richard Owen and Teddy Holt recorded 37s for 6th and 7th places.

Peter Goodall takes the lead in the Founders Cup standings (115pts). Rick Kimber (113) and Roger Rojas (111) remain within striking distance.

16 May '21

May Monthly Medals (GMT 2/7) – NAPGC C’ship Qualifier

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A bit like last week, the result was a surprise to the winner, especially as it included a tee shot fired into the trees and a re-load (on the 7th for an 8), but it wasn’t quite the same resounding win that the men will be reporting on – net 60 versus 71 for Sheena
Think the weather was also a bit of a surprise, although Donna jinxed it on the 10th tee saying that it hadn’t rained. By the 11th we’d donned our rainwear, but overall it was so much better than the forecasters had predicted. But timing is all and I know the later games got a soaking for a few holes.
This time last year we were just coming out of lockdown 1 as we now refer to it, and the grass was very long and lush everywhere with no end of NRs from everyone. After a month of no rain, nature seemed to be going at it with full vigour as the grass was so much longer and more dense off the fairways than it has been – not quite to the level of last year, but then again the greenkeeping staff have been back for a while now.


Forecast rain was not as heavy or prolonged for the May Monthly Medal.
First prize after final Committee scrutiny goes to Richard Inglis 62 with Colm Ivors the deserved 2nd with 63.
3rd was Ant Thomas on back 9 from James Shine and Gunnar 66. Consistent performers Peter G and Brian M returned 67s.

Full marks to Eagle specialist Ross H @ 14.

The event was 2nd round in the GMT in which Ant leads on 132 with Colm on 133, Gunnar 3rd.
NAPGC entrants are depicted with a  tick in the results below.

14 May '21

Friday Stableford Sweep

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On an overcast but thankfully dry day, the in-form Seymour posted an impressive 42 points to take top spot. Seymour’s round was the model of consistency, scoring on every hole, having 21 points out and 21 points in, and one birdie on the 11th. Richard N., in second place with 40 points, had a steady front 9 (17 points) but a very strong and consistent back 9 (23 points). Giles completes the top 3 places with a similar scorecard to Richard (16 points out and 23 points in) but notably birdies on both the 2nd and 4th holes. The sweep prizes will be credited to the top 3.

The rain showers of the past week has finally promoted the grass to grow and the fairway definition was much improved. However, the rough is also looking ‘healthy’ so over the coming weeks it will become much harder to ‘recover’ from errant shots (or even find your ball !).