November 2018

November 2018

28 Nov '18

Midweek Team Event – Waltz

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Somewhat iffy conditions were forecast but 31 competitors turned out for the fun ‘Waltz’ team event. Wind gradually increased to very blustery but just spits and spots.

Interestingly, first place went to the first game – Jon Ramphul, Susan Hempsell and Philp Taggart with a combined total of 70 points whilst second place went to the last game – Charlie Renton, Dylan Merchant and Jack Evans 7 behind – 67 points.

Doppelgängers at random of Peters Harrington and Jagger were assigned to 2-man teams of Tony Bennett/Mike Sands and Mitchell Cohen/John Maxwell. Results…

25 Nov '18

Champagne Chase

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At times it was hard to see the ball in the air as it merged into the overhead greyness on a drear & chilly day. With a touch of déjà vu, the results for 1st & 2nd place are the same as last week but this time both scored 37 points. In a twist though Caroline Stilwell switched her best 9, with 21 on the back 9 to beat Cheryl Woodhouse’s consistent 18 and 19. Third place was also hotly contested with both Fiona Coombe and Tenesi Karakaneva on 36, with Fiona recording the better back 9. Results…

CSS remained at 36 points.


The field faced cold(er) conditions. Maybe it was a foregone conclusion that “Northeners” would thrive in these conditions. The first “Northener”, Keith Cassidy, laid down the mark with a solid score of 37pts (birdies on 9, 13 and 17 didn’t hurt). Henry LB overtook Keith. But his round was quite eventful: he dropped a “silly” shot on the 8th by hitting the ball with his putter during his practice stroke. And on the 17th his hybrid landed in the bunker and it took him 4 more shots to finish that hole. Alexander Krasnenkov played a solid round of golf to record 37pts. Richard Inglis’ back 9 could’ve been even better were it not for his no score on the 17th. Chris Lordan played a strong back 9 (19pts) to finish in the Top6. As mentioned before the conditions did seem to favour “Northeners” and Christer Larsson delivered. 41pts make him today’s winner. Christer’s handicap gets cut by a massive 2.2 strokes. He also receives an ESR of 0.5. Therefore his new handicap stands at 26.4. Well done! Jon Cooper managed to record two 2’s (7th and 16th). Results…

18 Nov '18

Winter Comp Rd 2 / Princes Eclectic Rd 1

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A reminder that we are in November today, with a cold wind taking a lot of warmth out of the sun. After the additional run of the ball during the long hot summer, remembering that more club is required is a definite requirement. Looks like only 3 ladies achieved this and with them no more than a shot apart and the winner on 37 points, CSS went to 36.

In 1st place was Caroline Stilwell who shot 22 points on the front 9 and was looking set for a good score on the back 9, but finished with scoring 15 after the 16th, blobbing both 17 & 18. She is rewarded with 0.4 cut in handicap to take her back to 21 after spending several weeks on 21.5. Cheryl Woodhouse continues her recent run of form with 36 points and 2nd place. Results…

One further shot back was Habe Crocker; she leaps to a 6 shot lead on 75 in the accompanying Eclectic after the first round. R1 Leader board…


The field met some nippy weather, cool breezes and some very unappealing pin positions. The one on the 16th was particularly brutal.

Today was really a tale of two halves. The early morning starters struggled badly. Caleb Mills was the only one of the 8.00am starters to play his handicap. His score of 37pts was good enough for take the clubhouse lead. Scoring proved to be so bad that around 1.30pm CSS was estimated to be 35pts! (For a reminder: SSS for Prince’s is 37pts). Thankfully the 9.00am starters put on a better show. Three players matched Caleb’s score. 20pts on the back 9 vaulted Sean Thomas into 1st place. Caleb holds onto 2nd. Gunnar Sundberg confirmed to his recent good form and captured 3rd place. Ollie Griffin was the last member of the 37-gang and finishes 4th. Jon “steady” Cooper had an excellent back 9 to claim 5th place and Julian James completes the Top6. Results…

A few bits and pieces:

  • Nigel Ward, Tony Kopczak and Mike as per usual went out together and all three of them recorded the same number of points. What a coincidence …
  • Captain Nick made it past the ladies’ tees with his 1st shot on all the holes …
  • Roger’s round was all or nothing: he recorded 3 birdies but the rest …

CSS: 37pts

After 2 rounds Tamas Ladacs is the leader of the 2019 Winter Competition with 69pts. R2 Leader board…

Round 1 of the Prince’s Eclectic– report due soon. R1 Leader board…

14 Nov '18

Midweek Winter Competition Rd 1

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Mild, bright and breezy conditions prevailed for the first round of the Midweek Winter competition. Alexander Krasnenkov shot a convincing 41 points to win the round from John Curry 37. Countbacks settled Toby Hunt, Oliver Khan and Jonathan Rivers with 36s. Cheryl was best placed lady 33. Results…

CSS was unchanged from SSS at 36pts, both Men and Ladies.

In the associated Duke’s Eclectic positions are reversed with John 74.0 leading Alexander 74.5 with James Barker making an early move 75.5. R1 Leader board…

11 Nov '18

Winter Comp Rd 1 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 1

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There were only 6 survivors from the original start sheet, but those who withdrew because of the weather were probably kicking themselves when the day turned out to be gloriously sunny & dry, if a little wet underfoot in places.

Habe & Sheena should probably have joined them, but the remaining four adjusted quite easily to the new soggier conditions. With 3 of the 4 in their buffer zones against SSS, the small field adjustment came into force resulting in CSS going to 37, pushing all but Val Riziotis with 34 points and today’s winner, out of their buffers. Results…

Positions of 1st and 2nd are reversed after the first round of the accompanying Eclectic, with Jayne Maxwell leading the way. A result of the half handicap allowance. R1 Leader board…


42 players weren’t scared off by the weather forecast and the prospect of soaked greens and muddy fairways. Truth be told the course held up pretty well: the fairways offered no roll and the greens were very receptive. Some of the bunkers had some casual water. The wind made things pretty tricky too.

Barry Page went out (really) early and recorded a superb 41pts (19pts out & 22pts in). As a result Barry’s new handicap drops to 15. Pete Harrison put up excellent numbers: 18pts on the way out and 21pts on the way in to finish second with 39pts. Bruno “Rain Man” Clerckx proved again that he’s at his best in wet conditions. 20pts on the way in offset an untidy front 9 (17pts). 3rd place is his based on the countback rule. James Anslow and Damian Hackett netted 37pts too. Jeremy Thompson closes out the Top6 with 36pts. Results…

Captain Nick Rogers’ day was made up from a high (eagle on the 17th) and a couple of lows (it took him two shots to make it past the ladies’ tee on the 15th and another unspecified hole).

CSS: 36pts. 14 players remained within their buffer zone.

Round 1 of the Duke’s Eclectic – report due soon. R1 Leader board…

7 Nov '18

Midweek Medal

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Early rain may have reduced the size of the field. But the day turned out blustery with sunny spells and spits and spots.

Stephen Haworth and Chris Phillips-Jones had excellent 65s with countback last 9 deciding the November Medal for Stephen. Mike Jones. Hassan Mouilah and late contender Dylan Merchant took positions 3 to 5 again decided on countback. Hassan took honours for lowest gross = 74. Results…

Cheryl Woodhouse led for the ladies with 73 whilst CSS was unchanged from SSS @ 67 Men and 69 Ladies.

4 Nov '18

Monthly Medal / Team Event

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There was an excellent turn-out for the first team event of Winter and we took that opportunity to play the Autumn 4BBB which was abandoned in September due to shocking weather.

Nine pairs took to the field with varying fortunes and two teams came in on 43 points. By virtue of a better back 9, Fiona and Alison edged out Ronnie and Cheryl. Some of the ladies enjoyed a tipple of mulled wine on the 13th tee provided by Gina and Alison.

After the games we enjoyed sweet potato fries and prizes were handed out for the Autumn Medal and today’s competition. Thanks to Susan for buying the prizes. The much anticipated “Swap Shop” also took place with shoes, waterproofs, books, tees, clubs, balls, mittens all changing hands.


Conditions were calm and mild. Some exceptional scoring on Prince’s resulted. Early clubhouse leader shot a seemingly unbeatable 62 but Gunnar won the November Medal on last 9 countback. Jonathan Scriven had a very commendable 63 to take 3rd slot from Peter Needham 64. Oliver Maskell started 3353 and returned the lowest gross71 net 65. Results…

CSS remained at SSS 67 with Gunnar cut two playing shots.