July 2022

July 2022

31 Jul '22

Club Championships – Rd 2 (Duke’s)

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Windy but humid conditions greeted players for round 2. Ground continued to be bone dry with random bounce etc. but greens watered and green. Some ‘old’ scorecards were initially issued by Glendale.


A very impressive round today from our new club champion, Silvia, which I’m sure will be no surprise to anyone. Recording a gross 77 which was a net 70 she also included a pair of 7s but 3 birdies effectively wiped them out. Silvia’s total score is 156, just 14 shots ahead of Ronnie who was sinking putts all over the place (apparently just 10 on the front 9). A few loose shots on the back 9 though did her no harm at the end of the day as she finished back in what had almost become her usual spot as winner of the Handicap Cup (last year being an aberration for her). In this handicap event Silvia and Ronnie swapped places with Silvia the runner-up.

In the junior division for the Pembroke Cup, Jenny was 2 behind Katharina at the start of the day but a very impressive net 67 saw her steal the win by just 1 shot. In doing so she is rewarded with an ESR of 1 shot to drop her HI by 2.2 to 25.2. Katharina had a net 70 which also reduces her HI tomorrow.

Special mention to Ros Williams, playing just her 3rd round of the year with us who was pin high for 2 on the 17th, duly sinking the putt for her eagle.

Lots of good scoring in from the 5 women just playing today. Joan also got a net 67 also giving her an ESR to drop her HI 2.2 as well to 19.8


Richard Back held his lead from round 1 to win the senior division scratch with 2 round total 151 from Jay Barker. Richard had 74 first round and started Rd2 with front 9 36 but Jay piled on the pressure with 37 out 37 back for 37 – so winning margin of 1! A classic finish…Roger R also had 36 front 9.

In the junior division scratch another great round from Julian James saw him the overall winner 176 from Dave Chilvers 177; first round leader (and 2012 champion) Tony K saw a 3 shot lead fade away.

The Handicap Trophy (net 2 rounds) saw a deserved win for Kevin P 131 from Dave C 133 and Roger R 135

In the net for the day Sean O’Sullivan led the way with a glorious 65 from Ryan Jones 67.

30 Jul '22

Mitcham Friendly – 2nd leg

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Another hot day on the parched fairways of the Park for the home leg of this match. A combination of the excessive run on the ball and the Open bringing out the occasional golfer all lead to some very slow rounds.

Some very tight matches today but with a lead from the 1st leg our team capitalised on it further to win 2.5 to .5 today to win the Rich-Mitch trophy again.

Thanks to the team of Ronnie, Silvia, Fiona, Jayne, Joan and Sheena with special thanks to Joan for stepping in at the last minute after an injury withdrawal and to Fiona for making the long journey from her new home in Kent to play with us.

29 Jul '22

Friday Sweep

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It was another hot summer’s day, hardly a breathe of wind, and incredible distances achievable on the hard dry fairways.

Fresh from his win on Wednesday on Prince’s, Justin Wildman was again on the winner’s podium, with a very solid 41 points, 22 points out, 19 back, 5 pars and a birdie on the 12th. Justin has trimmed 3 shots on his Handicap Index in the past 2 months – well done to him.

It was good to have Cheryl back playing with us again, after her recent operation, and the ‘rest’ certainly hasn’t done her golf any harm, as she came in 2nd with 40 points (17 out and 23 in). 3rd and 4th places, both 39 points, were Pralab and Ann Gardner, respectively. Going out earlier, Pralab certainly had the cooler conditions and as usual played a very solid round, 19 out and 20 in, with 6 pars. Ann started both the front 9 and the back 9 with 4-pointers, had just the one blob, and kept it going well considering she was suffering with the heat (and had to withstand Rannesh’s barracking).

Sweep payout to the top 4 (£8, £6, £4, £3)

27 Jul '22

Midweek July Plate

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A cooler day than of late with just literally a few pits and spots. some of the drainage small ditches on 1st/18th had been filled in – now needed is rain.

Very early clubhouse starter Justin Wildman remained atop the leader-board throughout with fab 43 points to win ( 24 points on harder front 9 alone!]. He was ‘chased’ hard by 2 women – Jayne and Gina both 42s. Chris Rudkin was 4th 40 [24 on bacl 9] on countback from Seymour and Paul Giles.

With a reduced field and also sweep pool, first 5 had sweep payout and with a number of non-sweep entrants, 9th position received prize.

24 Jul '22

Club Championships – Rd1 (Prince’s)

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First of the 2 rounds of the Club Championship for the men and women and another hot day on the barren fairways of the Park cooled by a wind that could be somewhat blustery at times.


Silvia had a great front 9 usually the harder of the 2 9s on Prince’s, dropping only 2 shots her double bogey being compensated for by the 2 birdies. She is 2 shots clear of Ronnie in 2nd spot who has timed her return to form with perfection.

With a nett 65 Ronnie also leads in the Handicap Cup on a pretty healthy cushion of 4 shots going into the second round.
In the junior division for the Pembroke Cup, things are a little closer with Katharina leading the way on a 72, 2 shots ahead of Jenny.


In the CC1 scratch, Richard Back (37 out 37 in) emerged the leader 74 in the Senior division- well done! Brian McMahon and Chis Saloway followed with 75s; these followed Roger Rojas and Henry L-B 76s Roger had 5 birdies and this also propelled him to the top of[detailed] men’s Sunday birdies below.

The Junior division is headed by Tony Koczak 85 from Phil Flanagan and Dave Chilvers 86s and no fewer than 4 88 so tight for round 2.

Best front 9:Paul Kammerling 36 , best back 9 Brian.

In the handicap trophy , Pat leads with his amazing 62 pursued by Tony K and Kevin Prendergast 63s.

23 Jul '22

NAPGC Women’s Championship of England

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This was played on 23rd July at Sherfield Oaks. Richmond Park ended up with just one representative, but we didn’t need any more! Caroline won the Bronze Division with a net 66.

Holding the Mike Murphy Trophy
22 Jul '22

Friday Sweep

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The promised ‘heavy showers’ did not materialise and it was a very pleasant summer’s day with a light breeze. Scoring was pretty good and you had to be well off-line to get into significant trouble.

The clear winner was James Deissler (43 points) with an impressive round which included no less than 11 pars, 21 points out and 22 points in. The round caused James’s HI to reduce by 1 shot – a new ‘Low Index’ for him of 18.2, but I’m sure it will soon be even lower. Runner up was Veronica Mitchell (40 points), a very steady round 20 points out and 20 points back and the comment “I didn’t used to like Prince’s but I quite like it now”.

In 3rd and 4th places were Adrian Wells and Pralab Barua, both 38 points, with Adrian winning out on countback and also the only one in the sweep to record a 2 (although in Richard Owen’s singles matchplay with Uli Katte, Uli had a birdie 2 the 2nd and Richard had a birdie 2 the 16th). Pralab’s front 9 was very good, 5 pars and 21 points but only 2 pars on the back 9 were his demise.

Sweep payout to top 4 : £7, £5, £3, £1

20 Jul '22

Founders’ Cup – J Nicholas (6 of 6)

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Conditions were a lot more pleasant after record breaking temps of Mon & Tues; max 27C and gusty breezes per bottom of results.

Ali Chadwick continued her recent good form (best 5 from 8 within last 2 moths) to win 6th Founders’ Cup with 4 2points. Well done Ali who also share d best back 9 (thinks – Vinny shot a consistent 41 for 2nd and Stephen Haworth 3rd 40. Richard Hodgkinson and Secretary Peter Harrington played well within themselves for 39s – both ‘blobbing’ 2 holes.

This was last (best 4 of 6 rounds for the Founders’ Cup and Tamas lifted the Cup victoriously[157] having last round 22 June 42 points. Well done Tamas! Runner-up was Richard Hodgkinson 153 and Juho 3rd 151. Detailed breakdown by player in attached results.

Sweep was awarded to 6 going down to 7th position.

17 Jul '22

J Q Robertson (Top Dog 4 of 7)

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Needless to say hot , dry and sunny conditions continued with bounce but there was a breeze.

There was excellence at the top – 3 44 points with Paddy Stone the winner on countback from Henry L=B and Ben Dickey. They had phenomenal front 9s – Paddy 24, Henry 25 and Ben 26. Best gross was Jay with consistent 40 and best woman Sheena 39.

The round constituted 4th in the men’s Top Dog – Duncan Taylor still leads 24 but Paddy moves up to 2nd with 13 from Goran now 12. The report attached details points gained at each competition so far for each player.

With 3 out of sweep, 8 share down to 11th position.

15 Jul '22

Friday Sweep

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Another hot, but not too hot, mid-summer’s day and the Duke’s course was there for the taking for many of the participants.

Unsurprisingly, it was a lady (Veronica) who beat allcomers, with 45 points (following on from Lia’s winning round on Wednesday – 50 points !) – it’s tough keeping up with the ladies in the summer and doesn’t bode well for the upcoming men vs ladies Bontor matchplay in 3 weeks’ time (Saturday Aug 6th).

Ronnie’s round was good on the front 9 (20 points with 1 blob) but really took off on the back 9 (25 points with a birdie and 5 pars). I believe Ronnie was playing with Rannesh and Rob Wilhelmson, who both scored 42 points and came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Rannesh ‘only’ had 18 points on the front 9 with 1 blob but super-charged the back 9 with 24 points, including a birdie 4 on the 12th. Rob had a more balanced round, 22 on the front and 20 on the back 9 – he was probably feeling the heat from Ronnie and Rannesh on the back 9.

Lowest gross score was 76, by Mike Horsthuis.

Sweep payout to top 3 (£6, £4, £2)