November 2016

November 2016

30 Nov '16

Midweek Alpha TeamEvent

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The field was met with frozen fairways and greens. Some extra bounce on the fairways and serious difficulty holding the balls on the green were the result. Playing conditions must have been particularly challenging for the early morning starters. The conditions of the course improved for the 10am starters once the sun had broken through.

The ladies proved to be best figure skaters. Lesley Mason was on fire today. A stunning score of 42pts (!) earned her 1st place. Elaine posted an excellent score of 38pts to finish 2nd. Alexander Krasnenkov was the 1st man with 36pts and finished 3rd. Results…

In the Team competition the Green Team edged out the Blue Team. So Veronica, Mark, Chris, Richard, Mike and Tim your price is waiting for you (the other members of the Green team should have already received their share of the spoils).

CSS Men’s 36pts, Ladies 35pts. Lesley is the only player today to get a handicap cut (down to 19 – Wow!).

27 Nov '16

Champagne Chase

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A grey November day greeted the contenders for the champagne prize, with a chilly wind that seemed to get colder and stronger throughout the round. A small field of 10 were bunched together with just 3 points separating 6 players. No high scores for the ladies though, with ever consistent Jayne Maxwell taking 1st place on 33 points. In 2nd spot, as last week, was Joan Mulcahy on 32 with Tenesi Karakaneva taking 3rd spot on 31 with a better back 9. Results…


No need to talk about the weather or the condition of the course today. Just one word can describe today’s results: EPIC! Pete Harrison posted an a stunning score of 45 pts. You have to feel sorry for Henry LB. Normally a score of 40 pts would be good enough to win a comp. But today he’ll have to settle for 2nd. Lee Marshall edges out Eric Lit (both on 39 pts) on countback to finish 3rd. Liam Bridger’s eagle on the 15th helped him to finish 5th. Finally Jim Fogarty beats Jon Cooper, Nigel Gaymond and Stephen Mason on countback to finish in the Top 6. Results…

CSS went up to 37pts. Pete H. also receives an ESR and his new handicap now stands at 8.1! Very well done. Henry LB & Lee Marshall also see their handicaps cut.

23 Nov '16

Midweek Texas Scramble

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A decent turnout for this Texas Scramble competition. Team chemistry and a bit of tactics were in order.

Mark Rosamond, Henry LB & Brett Colley went out first and were leaders in the clubhouse (edging out Ray, Tamas & Kim by 1 shot).

But nobody proved a match for the long drives of Darren, the consistency of Stephen and the grit of Graham. That trio bettered the score of MR, HLB & BC by 5 shots! Their score proved too big an obstacle for the rest of the field.

Well done the three of you. Results…

20 Nov '16

Winter Comp Rd 2 / Princes Eclectic Rd 1

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The overnight downpour reminded everyone of the lack of run encountered over the winter. It didn’t however, deter in-form Veronica Mitchell who was on target for another cut until the last hole, but whose performance was good enough to earn her 1st place for the second consecutive week on 34. One point behind was Joan Mulcahy, whose recent travels in various continents probably ensured a relaxed round. Results…

In the accompanying Eclectic, most competitors failed to hole out on every hole, resulting in just 3 ladies having a qualifying score. There is much to play for in the coming 3 rounds.


It took some courage and a lot of optimism to brace the weather conditions today. Heavy rains caused a lot of standing water (the bunkers had to be avoided more than ever).

Runaway winner today was Pete Harrison. Pete’s round was a model of consistency: 19pts out and 20pts in! Solid back 9’s by Nick Rogers and Nigel Gaymond earned them places in the Top 3. Based on countback Nick takes 2nd place from Nigel.

Special mention goes to new member Barry Page. First comp with a full handicap and a strong round of 36pts and 4th place. I hope you put money in the sweep Barry! Usual suspect Toby and a early morning starter Darren complete the Top 6. Results….

CSS was raised to 37pts. Pete Harrison is the only player earning a handicap cut (down to 10).

16 Nov '16

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 2

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The field were met with the course in virtually the same condition as last Sunday – no roll on the fairways, bit more zip on the green, mild breeze but higher temperatures.

Brettt Colley and Kim Chaffart both scored 38pts. Top honours go to Brett based on countback. Brett’s round can be described as saving your best for last. 24 pts (!) on the back 9 with three birdies in the last four holes!. Henry LB, one of the other early starters, posted a solid score with 37pts. Derek Gibbs, Mike Jones and Patrick Poletti complete the Top 6. Results…

Kim is the only player to get a Handicap Cut and now plays off 12 (again).

13 Nov '16

Winter Comp Rd 1 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 1

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After the rain of yesterday, conditions underfoot were surprisingly good and the competition was played in crisp air and mainly sunny skies. However, there were only 2 ladies who took advantage of what will probably be one of the better autumn/winter days and as such CSS went up two requiring only 34 points to play to handicap.

Veronica Mitchell scored a very impressive 37 points to beat Jayne Maxwell by one. Both players will be playing off one shot less next week. It was 6 points back before the rest of the field appeared. Results…

In the associated Eclectic, Veronica and Jayne are obviously leading the way.


The effects of yesterday’s rain were still visible: no roll on the fairways and a bit more zip on the greens. The course was there for the taking for either the long hitters (all carry, no roll) or somebody with a good touch on the greens.

Tamas as one of the early starters was leader in the clubhouse with 37pts. Paul B. also ended with 37pts (but will regret the last 2 holes – Sorry to rub it in Paul). But the late starters prevailed. Greg Saunders came in with a solid 38pts. Damian Hackett continued his good form by posting the same score as Greg. In the end Greg edged out Damian on countback. Nigel Gaymond and Toby Hunt completed the Top 6. Results…

CSS remained at 36pts. Paul Brown & Damian Hackett both earn handicap reductions.

9 Nov '16

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 1

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24 players were met with morning rain resulting in some standing water and water in the bunkers.

Henry LB set the early pace and was leader in the clubhouse with 38pts. Mike Assender kept up his good form and posted 36pts. The charge by the late morning starters was led by Ted Holt. A ferocious back 9 by Ted (21pts !) vaulted him into 1st place. Seong Lim, Mark Rosamond and Tore Burman completed the Top 6. Results…

CSS ended at 37pts. Ted’s good play sees his playing handicap drop to 19.

6 Nov '16

Monthly Medals

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Report due soon. Results…


Chilly temperatures and a cool breeze met the field of competitors this afternoon. Conditions didn’t prove too much of a challenge for Mike (Assender) & Mike (Shabani) and Patrick Murphy. All carded net 64’s. Mike A. edging out Mike S. and Patrick on countback. David Sandifer finished 4th with a net 65. Stephen Mason and Richard Owen continued their good form with net 66’s, Stephen edging out Richard on countback to finish 5th. Results…

CSS finished at 67.

2 Nov '16

Midweek Medal

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Players were met with some chilly conditions. But overall the course was in good condition. Honours were split between the early starters and 10.00 AM groups. Habe Crocker was the leader in the clubhouse. Richard Owen’s inspired putting supported his challenge. But in the end Habe’s round of 68 (net) was not beaten. Seong Lim (beaten on countback by Richard), Brett Colley, Darren Enthoven and Ted Holt complete the Top 6. Results…

CSS: 71 (Men) – 73 (Ladies). Habe’s handicap now stands at 14.