May 2019

May 2019

29 May '19

Midweek Sweep

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Cool conditions were maintained through the day but initial light rain became persistent for later competitors.

Shaun DuPreez was the early clubhouse leader with 42 points (24 out, 18 back) but he was eventually pipped by Jeremy Thompson with consistent 21s who won the Sweep on countback. Jessy Diasilua returned a respectable 38 pts for 3rd followed by Kamil Naidoo and Brett Colley 37s. Sheena returned best ladies’ card 34pts. Results…

CSS remained at 36 points.

Following a net differential -10 on 21 April to today’s -6, the Handicap Secretary’s office applied clinical surgery with an ESR of -2 to Shaun who now plays off 14. Shaun started the year on 21 and is now leader for the 2019 MIG award but 7 months left. Well done to he and Jeremy on Duke’s for such good scoring.

26 May '19


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A good turnout for a bank holiday weekend competition. Conditions proved to be more complicated than expected. It still feels like playing links golf on inland course. Fairways continue to provide extra roll. But you had to judge the bounces well or get lucky. Greens are slowly improving.

Henry continued on his good form from yesterday’s Clapham Common to post a score of 39pts and overtake Scott Sparks as leader in the clubhouse. A score of +2 gross on the front 9 and birdie on the 18th are a true reflection of a good day at the office. Henry’s handicap goes back to 9. Evgeny came out all guns blazing and recorded 20pts on the way out. A few unwelcome bogeys mean he had to settle for 18pts in. A score of 38pts is good enough for 3rd today. The sting was in the tail (again) today. Kamil Naidoo had an ok front 9 but soared into 1st place with an impressive 23pts on the last 9 holes. By virtue of the countback rule he snatches victory from Henry’s grasp. Late starter Carmelo Di Salvo and 1st lady Caroline Stilwell complete the Top6. Cheryl’s 22pts on back 9 went to waste since she – in all the excitement – forgot to sign her card. On a last note: Mike Shabani did better than yesterdays’ result. Results…

CSS: 36 pts (13 players in the buffer)

22 May '19

Founders Cup Rd 3 – J Hume

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Today’s facts: four players recording 40 or more points and a useful number of players recording scores in the high 30’s. We can only conclude that the course was there for the taking. How do you beat the crowded field? four birdies and a “sandy” eagle on the 15th (more on that hole later) will do nicely. Alvaro “EL Nino” Garcia-Hoz tallied an impressive score of 43pts to overtake the whole field. AGH’s handicap drops by a full stroke to 11. Well done. 2nd and 3rd place go to players recording scores of 41pts. Paul’s impressive 25pts on the back 9 take him up to 2nd. He narrowly avoided an ESR but his new handicap now stands at 19 (he started 2019 on hcp of 23 …). Richard gets a consolation prize for missing out on 2nd place (see below). Cathy Stavely didn’t miss her return to competition golf with a nice score of 40pts and 4th place. Sheena and Angus (both on 39pts) close out the Top6. Results…

CSS: 38pts (almost half of the field remained in the buffer).

Looks like Richard Owen did just enough (78pts total) to snatch the Founders Cup from under Paul’s nose.

NB: usual suspects will have noticed the forward white tees on the 15th hole. Apparently the men have a strong tendency to hook their tee-shot on that hole. Glendale have seen an important rise in the number of balls landing over the fence. Hence the new tees. Going forward this will more than likely have an impact on the SI of this hole.

19 May '19

Monthly Medals

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Unlike conditions at the PGA where the wind has picked up, it was a very benign day at the Park with some good scoring particularly from the first game, who must have egged each other on, the result of which was that they occupied the first 4 places on the leaderboard. On the 2nd hole, Deborah & Val both recorded birdies making pars for the other 2 look very ordinary.

Sheena dropped just 2 shots on the way out, but didn’t keep it going on the back 9 and was pipped for 2nd place by Lia who almost matched Sheena’s front 9, dropping just four shots. However, more consistency was the winner, with Val beating both by one for a net 65, which included a 7 on the 14th. Results…

CSS dropped by one to 68, with both Val & Lia getting playing handicap cuts.


A smaller field faced more enjoyable golfing conditions: a fair bit of roll on the fairways and improving greens made that the course was there for the taking. 20 of the 32 players managed to remain in their buffer.

Lou Suarez followed up a steady front 9 (43 gross) with an excellent back 9 to take today’s honours. His score of 82 (61 net) earns him a handicap cut of 1.7 strokes down to 19. Well done! Early leader in the clubhouse Tom Cook (91, 64 net) takes a well deserved runner-up position. Richard Inlgis’ tidy round of 83 (65 net) takes him onto the podium. A group of 66’ers Amir, Aidan and James complete the Top6. Shout-out to Jim Deissler who just missed on a Top6 finish. He would’ve finished higher had it not been for a couple of “ugly” finishes. His sole reward is a chunky cut of 1.2 strokes off his handicap. If you have the time you should check out the scores on the 16th hole! That hole can bite really hard! Results…

CSS: 66

The club will contact those who have signed up/qualified for the NAPGC regional.

The Grand Medal Trophy interim results tba. R3 Leader board…

15 May '19

Founders Cup Rd 2 – Mrs Millidge

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The field enjoyed nice weather but the course has been in better shape. The extra roll on the fairways was welcome but the areas the greens remain sticky making chipping tricky (not for today’s winner – more on that later). And the greens could do with more water. Certain games had to wait to hit approaches into the green because the greenkeeping staff decided it was opportune to appear out of nowhere and cut the aprons and the fairways. When they decided to let us play they thought it was a good idea to not cut off their engines.

On to the golf. Bruno went out early (and probably didn’t get impeded by the Glendale staff). After a tentative front 9 (18pts) he tore up the back 9 (22pts) to become leader in the clubhouse. That score proved too high a high a hurdle for most of the field. Two players managed to post a better number. Susan Hempsell opened her round with a birdie. She could’ve improved on her outward score of 23pts had it not been for an ugly 7 on the 3rd. An untidy start of the back 9 didn’t unsettle her. Although it has to be said that the chip-in from 25yds off the 18th green didn’t hurt (Why didn’t my Knicks have that kind of luck in yesterday’s draft lottery? #NoZionNoParty). A total score of 42pts earns Susan 1st place and a new playing handicap of 24. She also potentially set herself up for an ESR in the (not too distant) future. Richard Norden had a blinder with 41pts. 2nd place and a new handicap of 30 are his rewards. Late starter Jack Evans, Ann Gardner (just bring that form to the course on Saturday) and Richard Hodgkinson complete the Top6. Results…

CSS: 36pts (21/51 in the buffer)

Founders Cup standings after 2 of 3 rounds: Charlie Forrest 73, Oliver Khan 67, Sheena 66, Brett Colley 66, Adrian Wells 66

On another note: The Midweek Treasurer (Kim Chaffert) came to unpleasant realisation that £12 (in entry fees/sweep money) was missing this morning after the 7.00am starters went out. Why does this matter? Every pence that is missing will be taken out of the sweep money. This means less money for the Top6 finishers. So from next week the last of the 7.00am starters are kindly (but with some insistence) invited/ordered to leave the pouch with the money at the Glendale reception and no longer on one the tables in the clubhouse.

12 May '19

Summer Cup / Committee Cup R2

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The midweek rain had definitely helped with re-greening both fairways and greens, added to that the sun did its best to stay out making for a chance to play in shirtsleeves again. Sheena Harrington was on good chipping and putting form to keep her score going returning 38 points with 21 on the back 9. In second place was Tenesi Karakaneva on 36. Results…

The winner of the Committee Cup was Sheena, with two rounds of 38. The runner-up was Lia Donath with a 37 and 35, with Cheryl Woodhouse just one further back after a 37 and 34. Final Leader board…


Today’s comp was almost like Brexit: promising at first sight but rather complicated and painful to complete. Milder temperatures created a decent amount of roll on the fairways. But swirling winds and greens that are in dire need of some water (again) provided unwelcoming challenges. Today’s round – just like the whole Brexit process – provided chances for some opportunistic individuals to enjoy brief moments of glory. The final twist in today’s event came in the very last game (sounds very familiar to the B-saga). Kris Lynch had a fantastic front 9 (22pts). He overcame a sub-par back 9 to take first place today. His margin of victory could/should’ve been higher had he not recorded no scores on holes 11 and 16. Kris’ handicap drops to 28. Well done. Seong Lim was steady as always (19pts in & out). 2nd place is a just reward for a solid performance. Ollie Grffin used an excellent back 9 (21pts) to claim 3rd. Thanks to the countback rule he was able to fend the 4 birdies by Chris Lordan on the way in. Jim Deissler and Tamas both on 36pts complete the Top6. Results…

CSS: 36pts (13/44 in the buffer)

8 May '19

Founders Cup Rd 1 – E Bailey

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33 competitors braved the rainy conditions with pm players probably having the best greens certainly needed the rain.

It suited Paul Green who romped home with 39 points to win this first (of three) rounds of the Founders’ Cup. Charlie Forrest had a very respectable 38 for second with Sheena Harrington nipping Richard Owen on back 9 countback 37. Results…

Reflecting conditions, CSS was pared back 1 to 36 points from SSS 37.

5 May '19


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Apart from cool temperatures the field faced a course which was in better shape than last week. The rain of the last couple of days made it easier to hit shots from the fairways. Pitching/chipping became less of a nuisance too. Finally the sand in the bunkers was more playable and the greens were more receptive too.

Jan Wilken went out early and set the tone with an excellent score of 42pts. A steady front 9 (19pts) was followed by an excellent back 9 (23pts) to make him the runaway winner today. Jan’s handicap drops to 12. The back-up handicap secretary started slowly. But a better back 9 allowed him to see two other players on 40pts. Aidan Hurley was solid all day (21pts out + 19pts in). Richard Young was the last of the players on 40pts. Toby’s excellent back 9 allow him to finish 5th. A birdie on the last vaults Lia into 6th overall and 1st lady. Results…

Looks like that in the space of 25min two eagles were recorded on the 17th. Well done to Mike Shabani and Richard Owen for completing that feat.

CSS: 37pts (15 out 47 in the buffer).

1 May '19

Midweek Medal

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There was little wind and greens showed some evidence of manual watering, hopefully enough to keep them going until the irrigation system is repaired.

The May Medal was won with an exceptional 67 from Oliver Kahn who received an additional ESR for new handicap of 17.0. But close on his heels were Chris Jones and Mark Laverty 68s. Sheena was best lady on 70 and Rick Kimber shot lowest gross 82. Results…

The ‘TWOs’ were taken by Oliver, Sheena and John Curry.

Spare a thought for the Handicap Secretary who stood on 18th tee with only 10 shots dropped. He proceeded to drop another 10 on the last hole without going out of bounds for a 14. The net double bogey handicapping rule applied an effective 7 at hole giving a net differential of -5 and an ESR marker. Still cut two shots to 20.

Paul Grand held on to the midweek Grand Medal comp to date on 215, six ahead of Mike Jones and Tamas Ladacs. R3 Leader board…