October 2021

October 2021

31 Oct '21

Lissaman Cup (3 clubs & putter) (Top Dog event 7/7)

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The day started with atrocious weather but the course was open for the Lissaman Cup ( 3 clubs & putter); local weather station (not as exposed as RP) reveal screenshot below:
Peak rainfall of .92 in per hour around 10:30 with rain stopping at 11ish;

Peak wind of 14mph but think this was in fact well beaten by gusts as I gazed out of my warm dry lounge.

Some remarkable golf was played, most notably by those setting out later.

Weather charts 31/10/2021

Jay shot a faultless net 68 to win – no 6 on the card for him oh no and birdies on [SI 3] 8th and 9th. Nick followed closely behind 69 with Sean T 71 and Cuneyt , Ben and Sean O 72s. Gina best woman 75.
It never ceases to amaze me that scoring not materially different to if full 14 clubs allowance.

For the men this was the last comp in the hotly contested Top Dog. Only Cuneyt and Louis could topple Rhs from winning and the final 1-2-3-4 points are:
Rhys 25, Cuneyt 24, Louis 16 and (late charge) Sean O 14.

27 Oct '21

Midweek Charity Trophy

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Mild temperatures and swirling winds helped the dry out process at the Park (unfortunately the weather forecast calls more rain the coming days). 2 players separated themselves from the pack today.

Both of them enjoyed excellent front 9’s. New member Pep scored 1pt less on the front 9 than John Perkins (23pts vs 24). As a consequence he had the better back 9 and wins today’s comp. Even though John Perkins still managed 2 birdies on the back 9 he “only” recorded 17pts on the way in. MW Captain HLB was probably a bit hung over from successfully defending the Men’s Pairs KO . He dropped no less than 8 (!) shots over the first 5 holes. But he managed to go +2 over the next 13 holes (with a 6 on the 18th …). Usually Richard records his good scores on Prince’s. But today was an exception. 39pts and the countback rule send him into 4th place. The MC had another of “What could’ve been” day. 6th place goes to Adrian Wells with 37pts. Birdman of the day was Alvaro who recorded 3 birdies. First woman of the day was late starter Gina on 33pts.

24 Oct '21

Charity Cup – MacMillan CR Day

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A mild autumn day greeted competitors for the Charity Cup and a couple of holes10 & 11 still showed large puddles. The round was the first played under the recent re-rating of the courses by Surrey Golf. Red and white tees received 2 (previously 1) shot for the comp. An extract WHS guidance document attached explains (Medal simple – diff CRs) and there’s a table below which I trust is correct!

Fresh from the Autumn Mixed 4 somes on Saturday, Justin W put in an amazing 44 points to win. He had 17 going out and 27 coming back!!! -well done indeed. Pedro shot 1 behind for 43, still terrific golf. Louis D and Saturday entrant Onursal returned glorious 41s
Best woman was Gina 39.

23 Oct '21

Autumn Mixed Foursomes

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On Saturday we held our Autumn Mixed Foursomes competition .  A good turnout of 12 pairs competed for the trophy. On the day, although low level clouds stopped the sun getting out we thankfully had a dry day.  However the  beginnings of the muddy golf days ahead were evident- the ball was definitely not running and extra club lengths were required.   As usual these events whilst competitive are great fun and offered us the chance to gather socially  afterwards  and enjoy Glendale’s finest pizzas and drinks on the house (RPGC!) and a good chat.

So the winning pairs of the net competition:

Congratulations to  Jayne Maxwell and Richard Owen who won the trophy ? with a  net 63 followed in 2nd place by Jane Fraser & Ned Shanklyn with a net 67 . 

Whilst both net winners played off 18 handicaps our Gross Winners- Gina Jillett and Jay Barker -playing  with only a 9 handicap, finished with a fantastic gross score of 78.  I watched them play a very relaxed game  together with some beautiful shots and great supportive teamwork . Well done to them.

Captain Val

22 Oct '21

Friday Stableford Sweep

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Winter seemed to have arrived with a chilly north westerly wind and the heavy rain earlier in the week had left parts of the Dukes course extremely wet, with standing water in places. The 8th and 9th holes were closed making the competition over 16 holes only.

The best score of the day was posted by Adrian Wells (34 points), continuing his recent good form, with Justin Wildman (on half term holidays) 3 points back on 31 points. Richard Back was the best of a trio of players on 30 points, beating Teddy Holt and Rannesh Jansari, respectively, on countback. Sweep pay out to the top two players.

20 Oct '21

Harrington Trophy (3 clubs & putter)

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Autumn is back with a vengeance. Today offered a taste of what lies in store over the coming months. Quite a bit of standing water, no roll on the fairways, greens that were a tad slower and lots of swirling winds.

Colm added another trophy to his cupboard. 19pts out and 21pts in put him 1pt clear of today’s runner-up.

Alan C was flying on the first 9 holes: 25pts. 5 5’s and 2 7’s on the back 9 limited his inward score to 14pts. Jeremy Prescot left his driver home and this choice worked wonders. Finding a lot of fairways enabled him to record 19pts on front and back 9 to take 3rd place. Adrian W finishes 1pt back (18+19pts) in 4th. The MC had a volatile round (3 birdies, 3 Double Bogeys) to claim 5th place with 37pts. 6th place goes to Robin. Jeremy R could’ve jumped quite a few players but 2 ugly 6’s on the last 2 holes halted his charge. Brett managed to go -2 over the first 3 par 3’s. Unfortunately he went +4 over the last 2 par 3’s.

The best player over the par 3’s today was Peter H (14pts). Ronnie had the best score over the par 5’s.

Please find attached a PDF report of the results, Scoring Analysis and Best Score Overview.

17 Oct '21

Autumn Stableford – Round 2 of 2

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Another mild autumnal day – grey to start but finishing with bright sunshine and a breeze.

Kevin P kept a 6 off his card for a truly excellent 43 followed 2 behind by Richard O and Robin T 40. Bewst woman playing off 6 -Silvia B 36 points.

Armi and late entrant Nick R clambered aboard the men’s Sunday Eagle Tree attached bringing the overall tally this season to 13 – well done indeed to both.

Winner over the 2 rounds of the Autumn Stableford was Kevin P 79 from Joe G 78 and Nick 77.

2 weeks left of BST then it’s dark at 5 folks!

16 Oct '21

NAPGC Hawtree Trophy Final

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RPGC fielded two of the 4 teams who made it through to the final’s day of the Hawtree Trophy.  The other teams were from Huntswood and Cheshunt golf clubs.  The mixed greensomes competition was held at Staverton golf club in Northamptonshire.  The result was a win for Huntswood (145 points) with Richmond Park B 2nd with 144 points.

Nigel Gaymond wrote:

Four teams assembled in Northamptonshire at Staverton GC and two of them came from Richmond Park.  The other teams were a B team from Huntswood and a team from Cheshunt who had defeated a perennially strong Rose Hill team from Birmingham in their regional final.  Most members of both our teams traveled up the day before for a practice round and then stayed at the course on the Friday night with everyone enjoying a nice dinner together before repairing to the bar for some close-fought pool matches!  The Saturday morning saw fair weather conditions and both teams raring to get out there.  Our A team of James Barker and Jayne Maxwell (32) Richard Inglis and Sheena Harrington (32), Captain Nick Rogers and Veronica Mitchell (34), and Pete Harrison and Gina Jillett (32) had performed fantastically on the run to the Finals but unfortunately on the day struggled for top form uniformly and ended up in fourth place with 130 points just behind the team from Cheshunt who struggled similarly to a score of 131.  In the end it was our B team and the Huntswood team that vied for the trophy.  We were led off ably by Cheryl Woodhouse and Angus Robertson with a very solid 36 points against a score of 34 for Huntswood, up second Susan Smith and Uli Katte did not have their best day with 31 against a great score of 40 from Huntswood, up third Caroline Stilwell and Luke Baker again produced a very solid 36 against 37 from Huntswood leaving only the final pair of Lia Donath and Captain Nigel Gaymond to come playing with the final Huntswood pair.  Despite a valiant effort and the top score of the competition with 41 points by Lia and Nigel, the Huntswood pair rebounded from a tough front 9 to score 21 points on the back 9 for a final score of 34 which proved just enough to give Huntswood the title with 145 leaving our B team the runner-up with a score of 144.  Once again our club has performed well in the Hawtree competition and, despite a lot of initial disappointment at coming so close, everyone agreed it had been a memorable occasion and a weekend everyone had enjoyed in great company.  Congratulations to Huntswood who finally had won the Hawtree Trophy after many years of trying and thanks to everyone who participated from the Club during 2021.  There is always next year……! 

15 Oct '21

Friday 5 clubs & putter

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Scoring was not so different to having a full set of clubs, however there is no doubt that the courses are playing ‘longer’ with the cooler temperatures and softer ground (less run) and the smaller fairways and longer semi rough grass.

These difficulties didn’t seem to hold back Stephen Haworth, our winner on 39 points with a sparkling back 9 of 36 shots, just 3 over par – there must have been some very good chipping and putting. Seymour was 2nd with 35 points, also with a strong back 9, including a birdie on the 14th, beating Adrian on countback, who had a more balanced round. Sweep payout to these top 3.

13 Oct '21

Midweek October Medal (Midweek GM Rd 7 of 8)

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Autumn golf is back at the park: thicker air, less carry, less roll. At least the greens are improving and the bunkers are no longer GUR.

Gina forgot that she is playing an important team comp this weekend and recorded a) the best score over the par 4’s (+4) and par 3’s (-1). She also matched Andrew Watson for the best back 9. Number wise this translates into a score of 65 Nett and the status of leader in the clubhouse. Another early starter Adrian Wells recorded an excellent score of 66 Nett to capture 3rd place (his score could even have been better had he not recorded a snowman on the first hole). The only player to best Gina’s score was Colm Ivors with a fantastic 63 Nett. This score is even more admirable since he started his round with a triple bogey 7. Dave Chilvers and Roslyn Williams complete the Top6. Special mention to Uli for recording an eagle 2 on the 3rd hole.

Midweek Grand Medal Trophy Cheryl Woodhouse holds on to top spot (347) before Angus (352), Chris Jones (354), Jeremy and Colm.