Uli Katte

Uli Katte

17 Nov '23

Friday Sweep

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It was a cold and thankfully dry start becoming increasingly warm (relatively !) as the sun shone down. The course was very wet and muddy, so no run on the ball. Three temporary greens (3rd, 11th and 12th) which didn’t seem to have seen a mower for quite a few days. The 1st hole should also have had a temporary green and was in a dreadful state.

Nothing seemed to stop today’s winner Richard Norden though. His impressive 42 points included 6 pars and a birdie on the final hole. Clear 2nd place (38 points) went to Rannesh, who had one of those rounds with his putter producing 3 birdies on the 7th, 10th and 18th (two of which were putted from distance off the greens). This raises Rannesh to 3rd in the 2023 Friday Birdie Tree (attached). 3rd and 4th places in the competition (36 points) were decided on countback, with Pat Dalton squeezing out Charlie Haines. Pat’s score could have been even better if he hadn’t blobbed 2 holes because his ball was “lost in the sun”. Sweep payout to top two (£11, £6).

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26 Mar '23

Gordon Forster, Round 3

The match between Richmond Park ‘B’ and Thorney Park ‘C’ was set up, after initial problems of the opponents’ team to find enough players, on Sunday, March 26. Conditions were pretty humid and muddy.
Thorney Park won with 133 : 130 aggregate points.

The home team, playing at Prince’s, was Kim Chaffart and Alvaro Garcia-Hoz and they amassed 70 points, while Richard Owen and Uli Katte came up with 60 points playing away.

3 Feb '21

Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions are due on 1st February. The rate remains unchanged at £50

5 Jan '21

Golf Suspended

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The government has announced a new lockdown in England from 5 January that includes the closure of golf courses, club houses and driving ranges.

28 Dec '20


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Storm ‘Bella’ cleared and players fought through the mud burning the Xmas kilojoules.

PeterN returned a superb 40 points to win – keeping a 6 off his card fresh from driving range practice. Three followed on 39: Bennie, Damber and consistent WHS improver Brian. Results…

John A had pocketed 2 birdies through 4th whilst there were commendable birdies on long 13th from Richard B and Bennie.

Reflecting perhaps a more aggressive and positive swing, Julie R was convincing women’s prize winner 32 pts from Katharina 29 and Ronnie & Gina 28s.

23 Dec '20

Midweek Stableford

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A little more time to adjust the sheet for today, although the start sheet ended up being published at least 4 times to accommodate changes which are a lot more problematic when playing in 2-balls. In the end 34 played.

Whilst the weather wasn’t exactly ideal, it could have been a lot worse with the showers being just that and the sun making a welcome visit if only for a short time. It did put rather a damper on Christmas jumpers and hats – but they were evident on a few. Unfortunately the rain since the weekend is starting to bring back memories of last winter underfoot. It was a bit like skating on mud at times.

As ever, there are always a few for whom these conditions appear to offer no great challenge and today’s winner, Peter G with 43 points is definitely one. He has had one blip during December when he managed only 30th spot but apart from that has definitely been in the money and is evidently at home in the mud! Playing in his first competition after gaining his handicap, Nafeez was just one point behind in 2nd spot. Last man in the 40s was Bennie with a 41. First woman, in 9th spot was Gina. Results…

The wheel literally fell off the men’s handicap secretary today so his 16 points were just for 10 holes – apparently the front wheel came off his electric trolley which would be a challenge if the ground underneath was dry!

20 Dec '20


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Following the introduction of ‘Tier 4’ on Saturday evening, an informal stableford sweep played in 2 balls was speedily arranged.

All thanks to Paul B/Peter H /Richard O for organising at short notice, replacing American Greensomes.

With some heavy rain overnight, conditions were muddy but no further rain experienced and one temp – the 11th. Clubhouse was closed to golfers so scores were returned on MasterScoreboard.

Jay stamped his authority on the field of 28 with a one over par 71 to win with 37 points. Snapping at his heels were Aung and Pete Hs with 36 points. Seymour was 4th just ahead of Gina best woman 35 points. Results…

11 competitors elected to have their scores count for WHS handicap. For Pete this was one of his best 8 from last 20 shaving his index .1 to 4.5.

16 Dec '20

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 2

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How the day changed with the sun sadly disappearing all too soon to be replaced by gloomy cloud, a chilly wind and then the rain although a good number got round in the dry.
Top 3 today all had a playing handicap of 15 but Colm takes the honours with 40 points. Pralab, who records general play scores several times a week, pipped Stephen on the back 9 for 2nd spot both on 38 as was Jeremy in 4th.

With the men and women playing pretty much the same course, it would have been good to report that a woman had won. Not much chance of that with most holding up the table from the bottom with the new women’s captain, Val, making a valiant effort in 25th position. Results…

This was the first round in the Midweek Prince’s Eclectic where the 1/2 handicap allowance has changed things a fair bit from today’s comp with Jeremy at the top – but there are (should be) 3 more rounds to go. R1 Leader board…

13 Dec '20

Winter Comp Rd 2 / Dukes Eclectic Rd 1 Champagne Chase

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Well that didn’t take the captain long! Despite rumour, in many years a captain’s handicap improves not the other way. Whilst this won’t award any handicap cuts, her sparkling form won the day.

With no Christmas hamper due to the Covid lockdown, prizes for the Champagne Chase were doubled with 3 prizes for both the senior and junior divisions. When the start sheet went out, it was all straightforward, but a combination of outside factors and a none too cheerful weather forecast saw the original field reduced to 10 and the split had to go to handicap indexes to give 5 in each section. Results…

Captain Val ended up the Eclectic winner and winner of the junior division, with Jane taking 1st place in the senior division. Conveniently those in 3rd- 6th place alternated between senior & junior divisions for the remaining prizes.

As it was the first round of the eclectic, unsurprisingly Val is also leading in that. R1 Leader board…


Morning rain petered out for the 50 competitors of the ‘Champagne Chase’ / Winter Competition Round 2.

Kerry shot a sparkling 2 over par for 41 points and first place. Peter G uncorked anther vintage performance of 40 points and there were glittering returns from Duncan 38, Julian and Peter N 37s. Joe R was the shining light on front 9 – 22 points. Results…

There being no Christmas Hamper comp this year, extended festive prizes down to 11th positions are depicted in the divisional results. A bright spark for ‘no sweep’ Seymour is a bottle of Champagne in junior division. Divisional results…

This was first round in the Prince’s Eclectic – report shows Kerry leading 66.8 from Peter G 70.8. R1 Leader board…

This also 2nd round of the Winter Competition which is now led by Peter G 79 from Peter N 72 and Nigel W 72. R2 Leader board…

9 Dec '20

Midweek Winter Comp Rd 1

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Definitely back to typical winter conditions underfoot with some sliding around on the mud. No real surprise that we were on a temporary today on the 11th after seeing it being prepped on Sunday and whilst it was large and had obviously been mown to make a green it didn’t behave like one – a challenge for all.

Peter G made it look easy with 42 points but the closest anyone could get to him was 39 for both Bennie and George. Jeremy P must have been spurred on by the thought of champagne to come 4th on 38. Top woman was Cheryl, way down the list in 22nd place, but there was little difference in the length of the red & yellow tee courses. PCC remained unchanged when WHS did its calculations overnight. Results…

Today’s comp usually provides a bottle of champagne for the winner and prizes for 2nd & 3rd. However, this year there is no Christmas Cracker competition so prizes today are numerous!

There are 10 prizes for each of the men’s senior (course handicap 16 & below) and junior (course handicap 17+) and 3 for the women.

It was also the first round of the Winter Comp and Eclectics with Peter and George in joint top place as the 50% handicap has its effect in the eclectic – but a long way to go.

Midweek Winter Competition:
cf. today comp result. R1 Leader board…

Midweek Duke’s Eclectic
Peter (72.5), George (72.5). R1 Leader board…