Sheena Harrington

Sheena Harrington

7 Apr '24

Spring Weekend Away 2024

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Everyone’s hopes were high that we’d experience some decent golfing conditions at Donnington Valley having heard that they’d been allowing buggies for most of the winter. Unfortunately the recent deluges prohibited these and trolleys were sliding around in many places but we played the full course. Although very lucky in that it didn’t rain, the wind on Saturday and more so on Sunday was somewhat of a challenge, as was scoring for most people. With no run on the fairways and approaches to the greens being very soft, it was galling to see a ball that landed on a green run all the way through.

None of these issues affected Paddy, who was the highest scorer on both Sat & Sun and the only one to get into the 30s with his amazing 36 points (& he was 2nd man on Friday). In 2nd place was Brian, some 12 points further back.

The women were playing for the Lockie Trophy which was probably won  with the lowest ever score of 47 points by Sheena. In 2nd spot was Angela on 42.

Despite this we managed 7 birdies on the par 3 9th and James went one better with an eagle on the 7th – so there were some good moments!

Another successful weekend after a lot of hassle this time with a late venue change, brings to an end Cheryl’s reign as the organiser and many thanks go to her for all her hard work in making them go so well.

24 Mar '24

Women’s Spring Meeting 4BBB/Men’s Spring Stableford – Rd2 & Winter comp Rd 6 D2

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It is fair to say that a 4BBB generally results in scores somewhat higher than those of today. It was however good to note how much the course had dried out from 2 weeks ago, so much so that they’d managed to cut some of the grass, even if the fairways were somewhat narrow on many holes. Even though there was often much searching for balls even on the fairways (carry often far too much for us)

Thanks to Cheryl for all the prizes and organising our get together after the golf and of course congratulations to Angela and Elisabeth on their 31 point win today. Katharina & Silvia and Seema & Sheena both got 28 points with Katharina & Silvia taking 2nd place on the back 3.


A lovely bright sunny Spring Day with wind dying down. Conditions have improved on the courses – even Duke’s with drying worm casts- always a sign of Spring. Maybe in 2 weeks time we’ll be back on full 18 holes instead of today on composite Duke’s with 6 holes being played twice.

This was second round of the spring Stableford comp and doubled as a 2nd round on Duke’s and 6th in total for the Winter Comp.

Tamas Ladacs again rose to the top to win senior division with 36 points – followed by Aidan Hurley 33 and 2 on 32 – Zach Holmes and Kerry Sargeant.

Mel Dunn was the convincing winner in junior division with 47 points 24 out and 23 back, 8 ahead of James Withers 39 then Paul Green and Nigel Ward 37. Congrats to Nigel for securing first Sunday Eagle at 14th (i.e. 2nd)..

The aggregate scores for the 2 rounds show in the senior division Tamas well ahead with a winning 80 points ; Kamerling put in a spirited performance for 67 and then came Kerry Sargeant 67. Mel Dunn won the junior with 86 points after stunning second round with Nigel 2nd 77 and Tom Simpkins 3rd 74.

In the winter Comp after 6 rounds the senior division is unchanged with Tamas leading 125 from Kerry 116 with 3 on 110 – Paul Kamerling, Ricard Smith and Peter Needham. Paul Green’s 37 today was enough to place him ahead in the junior division fromprevious leaders Tom Simpkins and Gunnar Sundberg 115.

18 Feb '24

Men’s Winter Comp P4/R7/Women’s Eclectic Rd4

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The courses were closed today after the rain overnight left standing water on many of the fairways

28 Jan '24

Duke’s 18 hole composite course

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With the course still closed to the public, Glendale again allowed the club to play on a restricted number of holes. This time to give us 18 we added a repeat of holes 4 & 5 to give 1-10, 7-10, 14, 4, 5, 18.

Hopefully the full course will be back in 2 weeks as there was a considerable hold up for everyone on the repeat loop and all rounds were extremely slow – but with no other players on the course can only blame ourselves!

Women – Texas Scramble

A repeat of the composite course allowed the women to vote for another team scramble between the 6 who played.

As ever a close result and had Jayne, Lia & Sheena not managed a birdie on the last would have been even closer. They scored a very balanced 18 points out and back whereas Cheryl, Elisabeth and Pat got 19 on the back 9 as unlike the other team they learned & played the second loop of 7-10 3 shots better. The others were 3 worse but in the end won by 2 points.

Men – Duke’s Stableford – 18 holes composite loop

There was some congestion causing delays for the playing twice loop holes 7=10 but there were 18 holes played this time with some good scoring.

In the senior division Peter Needham nipped Joe G on countback 38 points; another consistent round inc. 2 birdies from Richard S gave 3rd place with 36.
in the junior division there were 3 40s including again from new member James W , Tom S and Alan K; James having 25 on back 9, Alan 22 on front. O 37 came Gerard.

Divisional prizes were awarded.

14 Jan '24

Duke’s 16 hole Stableford

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Although still officially closed Glendale kindly allowed the club to play on a restricted number of holes on Duke’s. The weather had not allowed for the fairways to be mown, but everyone was impressed with both the tees and the greens. The 16 holes comprised 1-10, a repeat of 7-10, 14 & 18. Possible because it was just a relatively small number of games, although congestion for the repeat holes did build at one stage.


The 5 women who played had their own competition with Susan taking the honours on 34 points, 5 ahead of Jayne and swelling her purse with the mega win. Pat made her first return to golf with her new knee and although scoring wasn’t to her usual high standard after 8 months off, she was inspired to renew her Glendale card.


A dry day after wrecking rains of the past few weeks; the sun came out around midday. Winter rules were extended to a club length’s relief anywhere on the course.

An exceptional round from Brendan clinched victory with 45 overall and for the junior division; a somewhat distant 12 points away was Gunnar on 33 points and Tony K 31 on countback 31 from Julian.
The senior division was won by Kerry with a fine 34 [blob on 4th] on countback from Robert C, Peter A and Paul K.
Unsurprisingly with his 45, Brendan took first 9 honours (25) and back 7 (20).

19 Nov '23

Women’s Duke’s Eclectic Rd1/Men’s Winter Comp Rd2/D2

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General consensus was that the course should either have had 18 temps or be closed. On the first green footprints went several inches below the surface leaving it in an appalling condition which is likely to render it out of action for some months.


Hmmm what to say! Last week Joan made it look easy. She still managed to come out on top today but it wasn’t quite the master class of last week. In fact it was her 17 points on the back 9 that made the difference, started with her birdie on the 10th.
Susan was just one point behind but she kept alternating great shots with ones she’d rather forget.
Our second game today are all currently shown as NRs in the eclectic as they all recorded rahter a number of blobs.

As with last week, handicapping affects the order in the eclectic with Susan & Joan swapping places but it’s only the first round.


Tamas shot a consistent 41 points [inc. 2 birdie ‘Twos’ at 7 and 16 ] to lead Senior division for the day ahead of Kerry 38; Kerry’s round showed scope for improvement with a couple of ‘blobs’ but had a fine birdie at 12th. Paul Kammerling’s 35 showed much promise. In the cumulative Winter comp Tamas leads after 2 rounds 73 from Paul’s 71 and Kerry’s 70.
The stats show Kerry had most holes under par [so birdies since no eagles today] – 3.

The Junior division for the day was headed by Robin T with a fine 40 points [21 on back 9] 3 ahead of Gerard O’s 37 [which was 21 out but with 3 ‘blobs’ on back 9]. Suhail led the rest of challenge on with 36 on countback from Rannesh and Tony K. Sean ties the cumulative Winter comp after 2 rounds with Onursal both 75 points.

17 Sep '23

Burgess Cup/Women’s Scramble

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Looks like we struck lucky as the golf at Wentworth had a rain delay of an hour. Presumably there was a lightning threat.


Not the Autumn meeting that we expected but a Texas scramble is always a fun format – ignoring the stress of having to take a set number of tee shots. and the lack of players overall no doubt contributed to our sub 4 hour rounds.

The greens were certainly trickier than usual with all the criss-crossing and work on them. Am sure both games had putts bouncing there way across the greens, but Reiko (having run up the path to make the tee in time) knocked in a long putt on the 1st for an opening birdie for our team, so perhaps they helped here. Good birdie 2 on the 11th for the team of 3 – not sure anyone in the other team made a green on any of the par 3s.

The team of 4 played the step-aside version, meaning that whoever’s shot was taken, although playing a ball for the next one, could not have the outcome used when deciding on the following shot until the green was reached, finished with a nett 63, playing the back 9 to par to beat the other team by 3.

A token prize will be awarded in due course!


Yet another competition on Prince’s and some exceedingly good scores.

The winners of the greensomes format Burgess Cup are Giovanni & Alex J with 49 points – 26 points on the back! They obviously gelled well together in Alex’s first comp with the club; a late challenge came from Gunnar & Charlie with 46 points [25 on back 9]. An excellent 43 came 3rd from the team of Gregory & treasurer Peter.

25 Aug '23

Friday Sweep

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Very nice conditions out there today, not too hot and just a touch of breeze, which made a very pleasant change from the wind that seems to have become a regular feature. It all resulted in some good scoring today. Jose’s front 9 was nothing out of the ordinary (17) but an amazing 27 points on the back 9 let him amass 44 points to win by 2 from 3 on 42.
Richard N did it the wrong way round with 23 on the front 9 to put him in 4th behind PaulMc and Sheena – both 22 out & 20 back but Paul had the better back 6 to take 2nd spot.

With 30 taking part today the sweep paid out to the top 4 – which seems only fair since 3 had the same score!

19 Aug '23

Mitcham Friendly – 2nd Leg

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This was the second and home leg of the women’s annual match. Injuries and holidays gave an opportunity for us to blood a rookie into matchplay. Seema who’d volunteered to play when our numbers got reduced was getting cold feet about this rash decision, but she bravely ploughed on and even admitted to enjoying it after the match!

After the away leg we were 2-1 down but fought back at the Park to reverse that score meaning that overall the match was drawn, but RP retain the trophy as last year’s winners.

It was a fairly slow Saturday morning’s golf but the weather decided to be kind to us and the company was good for each match as was evident by the level of chat afterwards amongst the women as we tucked into pizza and chips.

Thanks to the team of Sheena, Lia, Jayne, Susan, Doreen and of course Seema.

30 Jul '23

Club Championships Rd 2

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Not exactly a glorious summer’s day for the second round of the CC, and amongst the women there was some lending of warmer and waterproof clothing required, but ultimately most were more likely to be driving home in rain rather than playing in it.


After what must have been one of the lowest turnouts for a club championship, the 6 who made both rounds should be congratulated for doing so. Conditions not being great in either week.

They say the cream always rises to the top and after a struggle last week Silvia has prevailed, defending the Club Championship. She notched up 4 birdies in her round but also a couple of 8s to peg her lead back and rather surprisingly only beat Sheena by 1 shot in the gross. However, her 86 was 3 shots better than on Prince’s last week (89). Sheena’s almost the reverse with 89 today and 87 last week.

In the nett competitions, the first round leads were maintained through the second round with Susan on 142, 3 shots ahead of Sheena for the Handicap Cup and Doreen on 155 ahead of Jenny by 7 shots for the Pembroke Cup.


In the net for the day, Ben Dickey crafted a well-deserved and consistent 64 with 2 birdies; chasing him 2 shots back was Richard I with a nice birdie at 18. Seymour followed with a fighting 68.

In the scratch senior division, Roger r maintained his first round form with 77 for a 36 hole total of 148 – 9 clear of nearest rival Chris S 154, Aidan was 3rd 157 and Richard O 4th 157. Well done indeed Roger Club Champ!!

The junior division resulted in a 3-way tie on 183 : Nigel W, Duncan and Brian R. They have a playoff over 18 holes to decide winner. [On 2nd September Brian won with 78 to Duncan’s 89 with Nigel NRing; well done indeed to Brian with such a super sub-80 score ] Julian and Cuneyt followed the threesome 185.

Following precedent from last year, the Handicap Trophy (net 2 rounds) has separate trophies for the divisions.
Well done again to Roger winning senior division 127 from Richard O 135; Duncan wins junior 139 from Seymour 140 and Tony K 141.