Former Members

Former Members

Former Members

The Club recognises that continued membership is often not practicable for members with family or business commitments that impede the ability to play on Sunday or Wednesday mornings at the Park.

Former members who find themselves with the opportunity to resume golf with the Club should not hesitate to pay us a visit with a view to resurrecting their membership.


Former members with live handicaps will be able to re-enter the Club immediately on payment of the annual subscription.

Former members without live handicaps will be obliged to undergo the normal handicap qualification process which involves the submission of three full cards played under medal conditions. Membership is available once the rounds have been completed and the new playing handicap has been determined.


Rejoining members are not charged the Club’s prevailing ‘joining fee’, but the full annual membership fee is payable, no matter at what stage of the year the new membership commences.


If you are a former member interested in rejoining the Club please contact either Membership Secretary:

Peter Harrington
Women’s Secretary