Do we have regular competitions?

Do we have regular competitions?

Do we have regular competitions?

The answer is a simple “Yes”. The Club has a major competition event every Sunday and Wednesday throughout the year. In the summer season we play for the main Club trophies, and through the winter we have competitions that are more suited to the mixed weather conditions.

The Friday competitions are more of a sociable nature where the competitors challenge typically for a day prize or an accumulator prize.

We are fortunate at Richmond Park to have available two courses: the Duke’s and the Prince’s and our play alternates between the two courses on a week by week basis.

Following from handicapping changes in 2018 it has been necessary for the Club to introduce competition handicap limits and at present the limits are 32 for the men and 38 for the women. The Club has a general rule that competition entry is compulsory for those playing in the allocated tee blocks unless players are involved in knockout matches or some such similar event.

With the possible exception of players with handicaps above the competition limit, for all our Sunday and Wednesday events the Club charges a £2 competition entry fee. The entry fees are accumulated through the year and the pot is used to purchase a variety of prizes for the year’s winners. In addition, we hold an optional competition sweep of £2 per person for all the men’s and the joint competitions. For Fridays it is common to have a simple £1 player sweep.

Apart from Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, when else do we play?

Once a month from the Spring through to the Autumn we have 6 internal men’s and women’s ‘friendly’ mixed events that are played on Saturdays. In addition, the Club has a few home and away Saturday ‘friendly’ matches where we battle for the retention of inter-club trophies.

For the more enthusiastic golfaholics the Club regularly enters NAPGC national knockout events that often involve travelling to other venues similar to Richmond Park. Also, depending upon player availability, the Club enters teams for the county competitions promoted by Surrey Golf.